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2021 NCAA Women's Indoor Championships


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  • 2021 NCAA Women's Indoor Championships

    start lists not available yet, but the list of entries is here

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    start lists (both sexes) now available here
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      Most looking forward to

      Pent - Gittens vs. Hall!
      60 - sorting out the logjam at the top
      400 - Muuuuuuuuuu
      60H - see 60
      HJ - see Pent!
      LJ/TJ - Usoro double? Nichols/Davis and JMoore may have something to say.


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        Gittens vs. Hall event by event
        One of the anticipated, head-to-head fight, in the iNCAA will be in the pentathlon where Tyra Gittens and Anna Hall will fight out in a very close battle. Gittens PB in the Pentathlon is slightly better than Hall (4612 vs. 4590) but if we sum their personal best across the five events then the picture flip and Hall has a slight advantage over Gittens (4727 vs. 4710).

        Below is a comparison between the two athletes across the five events.

        60h (every 0.1 equal ~22 points)
        Both are good but not brilliant hurdlers. Pre-Corona Gittens enjoy a big lead but Hall broke her PB by 0.21 closing the gap on Gittens.
        PBs: Hall 8.35, Gittens 8.28
        Good results for Hall – In SEC Hall won 8.35 to 8.36. If she can win or lose by very small gap, then the first round is hers. Notably, both will run in the same heat.

        HJ (every 3cm is equal ~39 points)
        Both are excellent high Jumpers that are ranked in the top two places in the NCAA. They are also better than some of the main contenders for a medal in the Heptathlon in Tokyo (e.g. Krizsan, Williams, Preiner, Ikauniece). With every height worth close to 40 points, this event may be the decisive one.
        PBs: Hall 1.89, Gittens 1.91
        Good result for Hall – In SEC Hall and Gittens jumped 1.89. If Hall can replicate this result then she will set herself in a good position to win the Pentathlon. A difference of one height will be a draw and anything more will be good results for Gittens.

        SP (every 50cm equal ~33 points)
        Both are not good in the SP, but Hall like most American heptathletes, is horrible and still without a significant improvement post-Corona. Luckily for Hall post-Corona Gittens is struggling with the SP as well throwing a meter less than her PB.
        PBs: Hall 12.89, Gittens 13.89
        Good result for Hall – In SEC Gittens failure in the LJ draws the attention. But her poor result in the SP (losing 12.54 vs. 12.53) already made Hall the hot favorited for the Pentathlon. A close result in the SP (less than 30cm) is likely to shift the race towards Hall. However, if I was Hall, I would prefer to lose by 50cm and throw above 13.00 than a replication of SEC results.

        LJ (every 10cm equal ~32 points)
        Point wise, this is the event in which Gittens enjoy the largest lead over Hall. Gittens is jumping regularly ~6.50 whereas Hall struggles to jump over 6.00m. However, in multi-events, where athletes are given only three tries, Gittens often struggles to perform to her best abilities. Her ability to get it right in the iNCAA may ultimately decide the winner in the Pentathlon.
        PBs: Hall 6.06 Gittens 6.62
        Good result for Hall – In SEC Gitten’s bad performance overshadows the fact that Hall had a bad outing in the LJ jumping only 5.60 and two foul jumps. Hall needs to jump another 30cm and ensure that the gap between herself and Gittens will be less than 200 points (~60 cm). Anything more and she likely to struggle to close the gap in the last event even with her brilliant 800. Regardless of the gap, she needs to start jumping ~6.20, so she can be competitive in the summer.

        800 (every second worth ~14 points)
        Hall is a brilliant 800 meters, and I will not be surprised if in the next two seasons she will become the best in the world. To illustrate how good she is now, note that her indoor PB is better than any other indoor PB set by the top-ten heptathletes in 2019! even against outdoor PBs, her time is better than 7 out of the top ten heptathletes. Gittens, is relatively slow 800 runner and may need to improve a lot in order to maintain her chance in the Pentathlon.
        PBs Hall 2:07.91(i) Gittens 2:29.95
        Good result for Hall – more than any other event in multievent the 800/1500 are affected by the athlete’s previous results and whether he is chasing medal and/or record. Assume that both Hall and Gittens will have similar performance compared to their PBs in the first four events, Hall will need to win by roughly 20 second. This will be more related to the damage limitation by Gittens and whether she can improve her PB when gold is on the line. Hall will need to come very close to her PB, and with the added pressure from NCAA title on the line she may struggle.

        Overall prediction:
        Hall in my opinion is slightly favorite as Gittens poor performance in the SP this year gives Hall the slight edge.


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          As always, Olorin, a brilliant analysis that will make my following of the event much better.


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            Gittens and Hall are drawn in the same heat of the 60H when that kicks off the pentathlon this morning


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              Round 1 to Gittens, PR by .01 to Hall's .08 short of hers.


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                Gittens 8.27 Hall 8.43 (36 point edge to Gittens)


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                  On to HJ, TG needs to beat AH by one bar (.03) to hold serve.


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                    Both over OH, 1.72.


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                      Looks like Gittens brought her "A" game.

                      Will seriously challenge 1.93m (6'4") if her jump at 1.78 (5'10") is an indicator!


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                        Originally posted by eman2001 View Post
                        Looks like Gittens brought her "A" game.
                        She has the most mesomorphic back Vee I've seen in a long time - great levers!

                        and she's over 6-4, just as you predicted.


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                          Gittens equaled the T&T national indoor record at 1.93


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                            She's a lock for the ind HJ, can she triple with a LJ win? Put her on the 4x4!!

                            So she's 2-0 vs. AH in terms of PRs here.

                            114 pt lead.
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                              after 2 events Gittens is 39 points up on where she was in her PR 4612 in January

                              Hall. is up 24 from her PR 4590 in January
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