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Dutch Dilemma - the mixed, the individual & that blasted schedule


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  • Dutch Dilemma - the mixed, the individual & that blasted schedule

    Following on from their double 4x400m golds at the European Indoors, the Dutch team have a real dilemma with which events some of their athletes should make the priority. There is a real chance of a medal in the mixed 4x4 and women's 4x400m, but timetabling is a problem. Please indulge me for a moment...

    NED are already qualified in the women's 4x4 for Tokyo, but not yet in the mixed, so they will want to qualify at the World Relays in that event. Similarly, they will want to send a good men's 4x4 to the World Relays to qualify in that event. Assuming they qualify, the timetabling of the mixed 4x4 impacts the individual events:
    • Tony van Diepen who won silver in the 400m, is a 400/800 runner and will probably run the 800m outdoors
    • In theory Bol could run the 400m flat, but we're pretty sure it will be the hurdles. She is at the moment the only real individual medal candidate in the relay pools.
    • Klaver wants to qualify for both the 200 & 400 & make a decision - it will probably be the 400m but the 200m remains open
    • Lisanne De witte will do the 400m individual
    • The other 3 members of the men's 4x4 are 400m flat runners (no hurdlers) Dobber, Bonevacia & Angela.
    With that in mind, look at the event schedule below:

    Fri PM - Mixed 4x400m hts

    Sat AM - Women 400mh 1st rd, Men 800m 1st rd
    Sat PM - Mixed 4x400m Final

    Sun AM - Men 400m 1st rd
    Sun PM - Men 800m Semifinal

    Mon AM - Women 200m 1st rd
    Mon PM - Women 200m Semifinals, Men 400m Semifinals, Women 400mh Semifinals

    Tues AM - Women 400m 1st rd
    Tues PM - Women 200m Final

    Wed AM - Women 400mh Final
    Wed PM - Women 400m Semifinal, Men 800m Final

    Thurs PM - Women 4x400m 1st rd, Men 400m Final

    Fri PM - Men 4x400m 1st rd, Women 400m Final

    Sat PM - Men 4x400m Final, Women 4x400m Final
    • If Tony va Diepen does the 800m as expected, he wont be in the mixed 4x400m as he would be running the 800mhts and mixed 4x400m final on the same day, then the 800m SF the next. He will have to do the 800m & men's 4x400m instead.
    • Femke Bol will 99.9% do the 400mh, but it is doubtful she will run the mixed 4x400m heats - the evening before her 400mh heats - but could run the final in the evening. She has enough rest until the 400mh semifinals on the Monday evening, however, will she want to be disadvantaged against the top Americans? I have a feeling she may scrap the mixed 4x400m too, and just do the 400mh & women's 4x400m. If she does, she will run Sat - Mon - Wed - Thurs - Sat, still a fairly heavy schedule.
    • If Klaver runs the 400m & lets assume for a moment she can battle for a place in the final, she would be running Tues - Wed - Thurs - Fri - Sat as would be needed for the heats of the 4x400m to ensure qualification. If she did the mixed as well, she would add races on the Fri & Sat before, so would have 7x 400m over 8 days. That cant happen. It would be a little bit more manageable if she didnt make the 400m final, as she would then have the Fri off. If she did the 200m & the mixed 4x4, she would be racing Fri - Sat - Mon x 2 - Tues(possibly/unlikely). If then needed for the 4x400 hts (yes) she would run Thurs & Sat as well. So if she did the 200m she could in theory run in both mixed and women's 4x400m. But what will her priority be, relay (possible medals) or getting as far as she can in her chosen individual event?
    • Lisanne De Witte will be in the 400m but if Bol doesnt run the mixed, she will definitely be needed in that event along with Klaver, at least in qualifying (if Bol decides to run the final). She will also be in the women's 4x4. Assuming she made the individual SF but not the F, she is looking at least the mixed 4x4 hts, 400m individual, and women's 4x4...the same tough schedule as Klaver possibly, but maybe without the mixed 4x4 final.
    • Dobber, Bonevacia & Angela are not expected to get to the men's 400m individual final, but are needed for both the mixed and men's 4x4, so this is doable with the 3 of them.
    No doubt GBR & POL are facing a similar dilemma. Although they don't have as big a medal candidate from their 4x4 pools as Bol in one of the individual events, Swiety will be aiming for a place in the 400m final, and POL will want her in the mixed and women's 4x400m as in Doha where they have chances of a medal again.

    As hardcore fans many of us have poo-pooed the mixed relay, but as an athlete the possibility of winning a mixed relay medal vs not progressing past the SF of an individual anyway, or more an outside chance of a single sex relay, you're going to take that mixed relay medal!
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    Excellent research! While many nations will have to wrestle with similar issues, the Dutch have a smaller pool to draw from, with incredible talent at the top. It will be interesting to see who different nations address this.


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      Having the mixed 4x4 is like having the DMR in the NCAA indoor: big, unfair advantage to larger countries/schools, and invitation to over-work athletes. Case in point: U of Oregon's distance runners in the Mile (heats and final), 800 (same), DMR, 3000.
      Alan Shank
      Woodland, CA, USA


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        Yes, it's every country's dilemma apart from the US.


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          Klaver has the ability to run 400m and 200m on the same day and did so outside last year and now indoors. But you've no guarantees of making a second Games so I think it's only fair to give athletes the best chance in their individual events and going from there.


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            Is this April fool subject? There was no mixed 4x400 in 2021 Euro indoors.


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              Originally posted by GHM View Post
              Is this April fool subject? There was no mixed 4x400 in 2021 Euro indoors.
              Nobody has said that there was??