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Dilshod Nazarov banned


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  • Dilshod Nazarov banned

    We find out today that 10 years later this cheat gets caught and banned for 2 years from 24 September 2019. From the public point of view his ban will be only 6 months.

    His results for the period
    29 August 2011 to 29 August 2013 are disqualified.

    And so this cheat, at least for now, gets to keep his Rio 2016 gold medal - as if he never continued doping these past 10 years.

    All athletes caught cheating should have all results DQ'd from the time of infraction to the beginning of the suspension period - in this case 24 September 2019.

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    I have to agree. While he may not have been doping in2016 (being fair), the punishment for cheating needs to be so severe that in this case, his results should be expunged.

    If he had been caught and received the suspension before 2016, the situation would reset, and he would be considered eligible, as now. Alternatively, pull the 2016 samples and retest those, as well. I am all about fairness and accepting that people can change their ways, but we must make the pain of cheating mean something.