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    File updated after 100 - a simple refresh should work. How's the weather looking there?


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      Good LJing in first round

      Scantling PR 7.46
      Ziemek 7.33
      Saluri 7.56
      Tilga 7.69

      GS 7.56 PR
      ZZ 7.68
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        PRs for Scantling and Tilga already!
        It's early, but Ziemek, Scantling, Tilga all above 8350 pace after 2 events.
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          Garland took no LJs and Uibo is a DNC.
          So it's a USA vs.Estonia show-down!


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            So after 2 events - pretty close!

            1 Zach Ziemek 1856
            2 Karl Saluri 1851
            3 Garrett Scantling 1849
            4. Karel Tilga 1814


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              Originally posted by Atticus View Post
              Headwind in Georgia

              100 (-0.5)
              Karl Saluri 10.82
              Garrett Scantling 10.83
              Zach Ziemek 10.93
              Kyle Garland 11.12

              Karel Tilga 11.13
              Maicel Uibo DNS

              it's live on SECN+
              Two things. I tend to think that the typical wind is about 1.0; if that is the case, then -0.5 takes about 0.08 from the marks and thus about 18 points from 'expectations'. It does not affect the scores etc., but it does our assessment of what shape the athletes are in.

              Is it really realistic to expect athletes to be in mid-season form in what is for some the first real competition is two seasons? (or for Z, with an injured 2019, three seasons?)

              An additional note, all of the commentary is very much appreciated, and having one or two 'new kids on the block' potentially greatly increases the group of 'highly informed'. At this point I am most familiar with olorin, so it is easiest for me to assess things and get some level of confidence because of my experience; for others I will get more as they contribute more. This is especially the case for me because my 'professional applied statistics/economics' is now a decade in the past and my inclination to jump in to do my own has decreased (along with access and familiarity with the tools available to me.


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                And Kendall Williams is a NH at 1.49!

                Does anyone know the wind speeds for the LJ?


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                  Shot Put

                  Garrett Scantling 16.20
                  Karel Tilga 15.32
                  Zach Ziemek 14.66
                  Karl Saluri 14.27

                  Ubio back in - 14.43

                  After 3 events

                  GS 2713
                  ZZ 2625
                  KT 2623
                  KS 2596

                  USA pulls ahead!


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                    Added Anna Hall to the file - as olorin mentioned, a PR in the hurdles and within 1cm of HJ PR, so she's on fire. 6420 is auto-Q, but if she can hit another couple PRs, it's not impossible.

                    Only 5cm/3 points short of SP PR for Scantling... After 3, relative to 8350 goal, Scantling +95, Ziemek +37, Tilga +55. Scantling is up 152 on his meet PR score of 8232. See web file for more details.


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                      Like to say having miketandf jumping in as another multi guru is awesome.


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                        The multis can sure be cruel... Anna Hall with a terrible SP, over 100 points below her PR...


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                          Originally posted by donley2 View Post
                          Like to say having miketandf jumping in as another multi guru is awesome.
                          Second! The provided data is invaluable.


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                            Olorin inspires us all... lots of moving parts in a multi... I am still learning after years looking at this stuff...

                            Add: Today's Azusa Pacific Multi results here:
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                              Anna Hall with a nice comeback - a 200m PR... still has a chance for a very good score

                              Deca: after 4... my goodness... these guys are doing great
                              Ziemek: 3550... tied PR in HJ... +84 vs 8350 goal, only -14 vs meet PR of 8413
                              Scantling: 3526... thanks to Atticus' HJ tweak, +86 vs 8350 goal, +106 vs meet PR score
                              Tilga: 3519... another PR... +83 vs 8350 goal, +78 vs ,eet PR score


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                                Meanwhile, in the 'rest of the meet', Jasmine Moore just LJed 6.83 (22-5)!

                                And Kendall Williams responds with 7.00 (23-11.75)
                                Chanice Porter in 3rd with 6.77 (22-2.5).
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