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JC Marks eligible for D1 Lists?


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  • JC Marks eligible for D1 Lists?

    I ask this because I saw in a recent eTN that Andrei Romanov of New Mexico JC broke the JCR with his HT of 250-11.
    (He broke his own record!)
    But I have as my D1 Frosh Class Record a throw by Balazs Kiss from 1993 of 248-9!

    So does Romanov's mark count as the All-Time Frosh Class Record, as well as the JCR??
    (BTW, he's listed as a Frosh in the eTN!)

    Another question, unrelated--
    Romanov's a Russian, so is he one of the eligibles to compete here??
    Does his going to school here make him eligible?

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    Rules for Freshman class records are set by the compiler, since there are no such official records.

    The ban on Russia from international competitions does not affect his eligibility to compete for a Junior College in the U.S.

    Division I eligibility may be another matter. I think Romanov might be limited by the NCAA age rules, since he is already age 26. Someone with more knowledge about those rules can confirm or correct.


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      Seems to me aaronk that as it is your list you decide.

      In my opinion the term freshman applies to first year tertiary students at any type of institution.

      However, I have never taken much notice of such records as my concept of a tertiary freshman is an 18/19 year old just out of high school. And when some of these freshman turn out to be established 25 year international athletes, i think that illustrates my point.

      In saying that I have no idea of the age of Romanov.

      As for him being a Russian, that is IMO irrelevant. He competed, it's in the record, it counts, unless struck down by WA.