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What's going on with Shelby Houlihan? [can run in OT... back out]


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  • Originally posted by 18.99s View Post

    It has slowed, but not stalled. I just refreshed the page and the amount increased by $100 to reach $12,039.
    Certainly she's not gonna get anywhere near her target at this rate.


    • Originally posted by Conor Dary View Post

      I do believe her when she says she never knowingly took a PED....I suspect she took a contaminated supplement.... typical with Nandralone positives.
      I don’t believe her. All that Nike support and an experienced coach and training group, and you think she took a tainted supplement? No one else in her group tested positive. Then, she decided to lie about eating tainted meat thinking that it would result in a better outcome than saying she took a tainted supplement?

      It seems more likely that she got some aspect wrong in her timing of PED taking, or was incorrect in her calculating an aspect of metabolism. Then she got caught, and fabricated a story that fell apart under closer inspection. Now she is relying on those who buy her image of midwestern grit and integrity to support her.
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