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hjsteve is THE track expert!


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  • hjsteve is THE track expert!

    In the WC Winners Contest, ‘6 5.5hjsteve’ routed the competition by correctly picking 22 winners from Paris. Congratulations! The final standings were:

    hjsteve 22
    Powell 20
    Jon 20
    JohnTrue 20
    AS 20
    tafnut 19
    thanos 19
    Donley 19
    spvxv0 19
    Cal Ripken, Jr 19
    Tvarish 18
    T&FN 18
    The Flash 18

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    Re: hjsteve is THE track expert!

    I accept this victory with total humility, except to point out that by my count, I had 23, not 22.

    We all know it's mainly luck for any and all of us in these deals but it sure was fun. Thanks, Tafnut.


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      Re: hjsteve is THE track expert!

      Yeah, I think I shorted everyone one, because I count 20 for me now. I vehemently protest your 'luck' comment. I, for one, spent way too much time on my picks! I prefer to see my 7th place finish as being in the top .000001%-tile of all the people who COULD have entered.


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        Re: hjsteve is THE track expert!

        It is interesting 'the Bible' did so poorly... in another prediction. They didn't do very well compared to the participants in this contest - , either (out of 66 participants, 20 beat them). Time for T&FN to get someone else to do the form charts for them, perhaps?
        Było smaszno, a jaszmije smukwijne...


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          Re: hjsteve is THE track expert!

          for a small fee........


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            Re: hjsteve is THE track expert!

            Seriously, if the 11 of us worked on it together, we could have done phenomenally. I am impressed that you guys were into it enough to even enter. I know that that I am an inveterate tafnut, but it's a little comforting to know that at least 10 others on the planet are as whack as I am.