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Miller Uibo to ONLY run 200m in Tokyo


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  • Miller Uibo to ONLY run 200m in Tokyo

    Based on the hyperlinked BBC article below it appears that she will scratch the 400m and only run the 200m. I think this may well be a mistake but she probably knows what her form is like and why she's made that decision. Who wins the women's 400m Gold now??????????
    Apparently Ignorance is bliss

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    Huge error. Would love to be proved wrong but very unlikely


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      My first reaction is I'm curious when the interview was done.

      My second reaction is, if true, hope it works out for her. *shrugs*


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        This was already posted in the National teams thread. But basically its old despite the article being published recently:

        This article is based on a podcast interview released on June 23rd:
        In the podcast, they dont ask, nor does she actually mention anything about what she is running in Tokyo (they dont even talk about Tokyo at all)

        Since that interview was released, the following has happened:

        June 27th - Miller-Uibo runs both the 200/400 at Bahamian trials
        June 27th - Jackson skips the 400 and qualifies for the 100/200 at Jamaican trials
        June 30th - Naser was banned for 2 years
        July 2nd - Mboma and Masilingi were ruled ineligible in the 400m
        July 5th - Miller-Uibo is listed as registered for the 200/400 as part of the Bahamian team to Tokyo

        So basically the world has changed since this interview happened.


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          Yes, I agree with ATK. I believe that's an article based on old info.

          Agreed we don't know what she's done in training, and how well she could cope with the rounds of the 400m, or both, but such is the gap between her and the others in the 400, she should be fine. On paper at least.

          I was looking at the 400 lists again yesterday, so, so hard to predict this event. I wonder if outside chances like Paulino or even Bolingo can surprise and sneak a medal? There's a real opportunity for someone to step up here.


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            Shaunae Miller-Uibo (Bahamas) is a staggering -1000 favorite to win the 400m. Next on the board are Quanera Hayes (USA) and Stephenie Ann McPherson (Jamaica) at +1000.



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              Originally posted by br View Post
              Shaunae Miller-Uibo (Bahamas) is a staggering -1000 favorite to win the 400m. Next on the board are Quanera Hayes (USA) and Stephenie Ann McPherson (Jamaica) at +1000.
              I don't know who she'll displace, but Felix is beating ONE of them for the Bronze.


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                I'm going to go with youth and speed over age and cunning. No podium for Felix, not that I wouldn't like to see here there.


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                  Lol i have felix for gold if there is no miller uibo. Its not just age and cunning its championship pedigree and consistency. At trials Felix efforts were divided between two races and so was her training presumably. This is why im glad she did not make the 200 team so she didnt need to divide anymore time between training for two races like she did all spring. Her 22.11 says she has a decent amount of speed she is bringing to the 400. I hope she reserves energy well throughout the rounds and go all out in the finals and not leave it too late. If felix can put together the best race for her current stage of her career she wins gold with no miller uibo and is tough competition for uibo if uibo doubles


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                    I doubt her training has significantly changed in the last month. She would have had a couple of days off/light work after the Trials, and then knuckled down but I can't imagine a big shift in the type of work she was doing before she started to taper down.

                    They are all hard to assess, especially as some have hardly competed in the last month, Felix included. What we can say is that you have to go back to 2015 for the last time she significantly improved between the Nationals and the Major Champs, for a number of different reasons.

                    My instinct is telling me she will run 49.8 ish. That's enough for a medal but very doubtful whether that's enough for gold. If SMU doesn't run, it will lift a number of women psychologically and they will think they can win. I think Jonathas will be much better come Tokyo, and Hayes will be confident after her national win. McPherson is confident and talking about the gold, and there are wildcard dangers in Paulino and Bolingo who have been excellent this year.

                    Some athletes - Felix included - might have had a brilliant 2-3 weeks of last training before the Games that we just don't know about, or the opposite and been struggling. Some of the 50.5 - 51.0 women could drop their times. I do agree Felix has done it before though and knows how its done.

                    SMU, a lot is depending on you! Make the right decision girl!


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                      I'll simply say this seems ill-advised...
                      There are no strings on me


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                        story just linked on home page confirms she's still entered in both events


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                          Though I'm sure SMU and her team already decided, we still have a full week before we know if she will commit to the double. And before she even steps on the line for the 400m, we will know how most of her top competition looked in the 100m and who made it through to the 200m final.

                          Keep speculating...


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                            Originally posted by ATK View Post
                            Keep speculating...
                            She's super talented, but I just don't think she can pull off the double.
                            The 400 is less competitive, but she's already got that gold.
                            The 200 would be a bigger prize, so I'll guess she sticks to her original plan.


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                              How fast would she have to run the 400 to get out of the heats? Would 52.00 do it? Forget trying to get a preferred lane for the semifinals, just run barely fast enough to advance?