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Late arrivals to Japan & jetlag


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  • ATK
    From what I'm seeing on social media and in athletes interviews these past few weeks, basically this was earliest most US track athletes were even able to travel. They didnt have a choice as there were restrictions on when they can come and how long they can stay after their event is over in most cases.

    The Dutch T&F team also only has a 3rd the amount of athletes competing than the US does, so I dont think its exactly comparable.

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  • Wiederganger
    started a topic Late arrivals to Japan & jetlag

    Late arrivals to Japan & jetlag

    I've noticed a lot of athletes are only just traveling to Japan. Regardless of when they are competing, that's leaving it very late to overcome jetlag and adjust.

    I understand some wanted to avoid holding camp and go straight to Tokyo later, but, depending on how many time zones they are traveling through, that could be tough. I've read you need 1-2 days per time zone, if you're east coast American, that's a lot of time zones!

    The Dutch team were one of the first to get to Japan and have been there 2 weeks already. Its going to be interesting to see if the late arrivals are negatively impacted.