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  • Originally posted by Wiederganger View Post
    The point is, the US doesn't need to run her. They're not POL or GBR who would risk it because they don't have the depth, the US does and do not need to, they can run someone fresh.

    Imagine if they ran her on 4th, and the US only had a 10m lead on JAM, and she ends up running a tired 50+ split and the JAM anchor pips her...
    This hypothetical was discussed in that long Tokyo 4x4 thread before the Olympics. The idea of traffic at the 1st exchange, Jamaica and Poland potentially challenging the US etc. Yet despite McLaughlin and Kaczmarek (POL) handing off together and Felix "underperforming" expectations, it was still a blow out. Unless something drastic happens, or maybe if McLaughlin & Muhammad dont run, the US will almost certainly win. A perfect situation of both a team over performing and the US underperforming would have to happen, which in the past 10, years, we have only seen in 2015.

    As noted above, splitting 49.5 or better is very exclusive for US women in the past decade. Thats over a second slower than what she ran in Tokyo and I think she can do that after a 1:55/1:54
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