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¶ 2021 wOG 4x1: Jamaica 41.02 (WL)


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  • Originally posted by ATK View Post
    Dont know if it was mentioned, but didnt realize this was the USA's 3rd best time ever, only behind the 2012 and 2016 times, and barely off the former GDR WR. Impressive considering the 4 ladies are not that quick and didnt have amazing handoffs (Prandini to Thomas specifically).

    And continues to show the US men just have an issue of their own that probably isnt just practice related. Since 2004, the US women have medaled at every global champs aside from 2004, 2008 and 2009 (and 2009 was due to Muna Lee getting injured not handoffs like 04 & 08)
    We've witnessed some great 4x1's these last 9 years that you're right, their time was easily overlooked in Tokyo, and it was the 10th fastest ever!

    The standard in the women's 4x1 has gone up a notch, gone are the times when you could win a gold medal outside 42 seconds. The times GBR, SUI & GER have been running would have won medals most other years too.