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¶ 2021 wOG 800: Athing Mu (US) 1:55.21 (WL)


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  • Originally posted by Atticus View Post
    Cuz now she'll never land that fat Chik Fil-A sponsorship contract!
    Would be an interesting choice. A chain that's not in the UK using a young woman from Northern England.


    • Originally posted by RunningInCircles View Post

      4. To not get boxed in.
      That might seem odd if you're in front, but I know a very good runner who does that in all her races even when she is leading, because she is worried about being boxed in. Especially coming off of a turn when 2 or 3 runners often make a move, you can go from being the front runner to being in 2nd or 3rd and boxed in very quickly.

      But in Mu's case, she might not have a strategic reason for running on the outside of the 1st lane. I've seen her do that in races when no one was near her.
      Mu also has a relatively longer stride, which may make it more comfortable to be out a bit wider on the curves.


      • Originally posted by asindc View Post

        Yeah, I heard it when it happened and had to rewind to make sure I heard it. She apparently forgot that the microphone is always on when you’re in the stadium.
        On the other hand, Purrier knew the microphone was on when she was interviewed at the US Trial.