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World Championships Finals were Awesome!


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    Re: World Championships Finals were Awesome!

    >I've always wondered if air quality makes a
    >difference. This meet was in one of the most
    >congested metropolitan areas on earth. It's
    >sea-level air, but it ain't very fresh. Szabo,
    >who can ordinarily do 14:45 in her sleep, barely
    >(by about half a second) cracked 15:00. Ayhan ran
    >the same pace she ran for her 3:55 the week
    >before, but this time she ran out of gas down the
    >stretch, and it seemed to be as much of a
    >surprise to her as it was to the rest of us. Was
    >it the track? The air? The water? The wine? What?

    The heats. She isn't use to running qualifyers. That makes a difference. Look at Borzakovskiy. He probably could have sustained his kick a bit longer without rounds. He should have held steady around the curve, then blasted the straight, but he kept pushing and paid the price. Great 800 final though. Tough running there, same with the final straight in the 5k and 1600 relay. Great stuff.


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      Re: World Championships Finals were Awesome!

      Ayhan looked like she needed a hug after her race. She looked shattered. Maybe it was the heats that did her in. But speaking of heats - and impressive performances - I noticed another girl in that race, a dark-haired Russian with a short upper body and long legs. Hadn't I seen her in another race? Turns out I had.
      Her name is Zadorozhnaya (or something like that). She ran:
      - a 1500 heat Tuesday
      - a 5000 heat Wednesday
      - another 1500 heat Friday (passing Jacobs to eliminate her)
      - then the 5000 final Saturday
      - and the 1500 final Sunday.
      She's a horse!