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Greatest Olympic Perofrmances?


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  • Greatest Olympic Perofrmances?

    The discussion already started, but how are we ranking this Men's 400H race amongst all time greatest performances?

    Is it higher or lower than:

    Owens 1936
    Beamon 1968
    Flo Jo 1988
    Johnson 1996
    Bolt 2008

    Other performances/races?

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    Just add it to the list.


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      Owens in '36 was great, but not in this class. Owens's greatest performance was Ann Arbor '35 - LJ WR, 220y WR, 220yH WR and 100y =WR in one hour, with the LJ WR lasting for 25 years.

      As far as other Olympic performances/races go, the women's 800 in '76 was mentioned in the other thread; four under the old WR, and some BEMFPs set that still stand 45 years later.

      The men's 5K in 1912; Kolehmainen and Bouin battled to the line; and while them both beating the metric 5K WR by 24+ seconds is a somewhat misleading statistic, they also obliterated the very-well-established 3-mile WR by 10 seconds en route.


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        Glad I was alive to see Benjamin vs,. Warholm vs. the 400 M H field in 2021.


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          Beamon, Johnson, and Warholm all have one thing in common - "no, that can't be right, check it again".

          I'm still scared we'll find there was a timer malfunction, so I want to bring out my stopwatch and watch the race again.
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            Rudisha in 2012.
            Ayana in 2016.


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              Since someone added Rudisha's Tardis-like London sprint, I'm happy with the list we have.
              You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!


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                Rudisha's race is one that I've watched many many times over the years.

                Warholm-Benjamin will be catching up in the views quickly


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                  Originally posted by cigar95 View Post
                  Beamon, Johnson, and Warholm all have one thing in common - "no, that can't be right, check it again".
                  That is exactly how I felt on all three. I turned to my wife in our stadium seats in Atlanta and said, "Uh oh, someone really screwed up that time!" Then it just stayed on the scoreboard, and she said, "Or not."