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The athletes you missed the most this 2021 season?


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    Alexa Efraimson. At least the 2015 version.


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      Someone who probably would have been better off going to college and run there.


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        Originally posted by KDFINE View Post

        Thanks for the update. Sounds like he's moving on with life.
        And update from Paul Dedewo a few days ago. Seems like he is back training:

        "Got my groove back ‘cause I’m a certified late bloomer 🌱

        It’s been an amazing 2 months of training with my new squad @phoenixtcaz. Slowly feeling like my old self. God is so good. More to come 🙌🏾"


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          Originally posted by 79 View Post

          I've read she had recurrent tibial periostits and operations on her two knees in 2018...
          I read that one of Ayana's strides was found to be unusually longer than with the other leg. Not proportional at all, even though it wasn't obvious in real time. They thought that might have contributed to her knee issues. During her comeback attempt after surgery they were trying to fix that aspect. Maybe it didn't work. The related information stopped completely.

          Ayana had a baby about a year ago. She posts lots of proud related photos on her Facebook. Most of them quite formal. She has logically gained quite a bit of weight.

          In August she did post one photo of herself on the track. The comment box blew up, assuming it was a comeback and encouraging her to do so. But the caption was vague and it wasn't even clear that it was a new photo. She looked thinner than any of the photos before and after.

          Nothing subsequent has been related to a comeback.


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            Tori Bowie.


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              Originally posted by Atticus View Post
              A point many seem to miss. They are indeed women. They just need to run against similarly advantaged women.
              They are men in the biological sense but raised as women. It sucks but sports isnt about feelings thats what soap operas and telenovelas are for. Alot of these "women" is left untouched likely had the ability to impregnate other women and mifht still be able to. Mboma made a joke of rhe worlds best women in like her 3rd or 4,th 200 meter eace ever. We just gotta keep it all rhe way real and stop with the mushy super liberal babble. If Mboma wants to use a womans bathroom she should be entitled but sports is about buology that's y they have a biological passport


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                let's not drag the DSD discussion into yet another thread

                if you wanna discuss that, go here: