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Who are you most excited about for next year?


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    Crouser - more WRs? complete ownership of the all-time lists? will he open with an indoor WR?
    Mu - how low can she go in the 800? will she run some 400s?
    400H men and women
    mondo - lets get 6.19 and move on
    rojas - who knew I was interested in the WTJ?
    all women's distance events - 1500, 5000, 10,000, steeple
    Allman - can she approach the WR?
    WHJ is really competitive


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      Originally posted by gm View Post
      Bryce Foster if he gets to throw for Texas A&M
      Is this a nod to the ever-present risk that Spring Football will prevent him from doing so? Does the fact that he has started every game as a freshman make that more likely?


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        Jakob Ing, he’ll run with confidence and may get close to the WR.

        Sacha Zhoya, it might take him a while to adjust to the senior hurdles but he’s got so much potential and will start to put pressure on Holloway in a few years

        Mu vs Hodgkinson vs Rodgers vs Reekie.

        Wlodarcyzk vs Price in Eugene


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          Sasha Zhoya. He's tracking to be the next Nehemiah, but 0.2 seconds faster. He's an inch shorter than Nehemiah at 6'0", but I don't think that's an impediment. Only difference is he has less experience over the 42" sticks than Skeets had at 19 - but that will change next year.


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            Originally posted by wamego relays champ View Post

            Is this a nod to the ever-present risk that Spring Football will prevent him from doing so? Does the fact that he has started every game as a freshman make that more likely?
            That was kind of my thought, yes. I didn't expect him to play so much this fall, and fear that he could decide to stick with what will make him millions of dollars soon.


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              Originally posted by ATK View Post
              • SAFP/Thompson/Jackson/Richardson/Mboma/Thomas (continuation of the best sprint season ever)
              • Shaunae Miller-Uibo (first 400m world title? close to 48 flat?)
              • Yulimar Rojas (fix the 2nd phase and she can get close to 16m)
              • Faith Kipyegon (WR?)
              • Letesenbet Gidey/Sifan Hassan (what does she run in Eugene?)
              • Dalilah Muhammad (she'll defend her title)
              • Coleman/Bromell/Kerley/Bednarek/Noah Lyles (will we see AR's in the 100m/200m?) + De Grasse
              • Christian Taylor (does he have any path to being the GOAT or has that door closed without 3 Olympic golds?)
              • Grant Holloway (12.7x?)
              • Michael Cherry (I think he is a serious gold medal threat with the 400m bye now)
              It's going to be REALLY fun to see how this season pans out after the best sprint season ever, as you say. Will Thompson's coach situation negatively affect her? US athletes have a home Champs motivation....but added pressure too!

              SMU...this is one of the most interesting ones for me! As you say, no World Title ( !) yet, so does she do what every man and his dog thinks she should, and do the 400m, or does she play silly buggars again and try and run the 200m? She was doing standing LJs on IG, and jumping further than training partner Jazmin Sawyers....when is that pentathlon/heptathlon debut coming?

              I like your confidence in Muhammad, and understand it in the context of her season (covid early on. Oh, did you know that Ajla Del Ponte also had covid last season?) but I'm leaning towards the younger women, and with the Champs being in the US, McLaughlin. BUT.....I really want to see McLaughlin on the outside, with Muhammad and Bol on the inside of her! In Tokyo, the US Olympic Trials and in Doha, McLaughlin had the advantage of having Muhammad outside her. This massively helped her I think. In the US Champs in 2019, McLaughlin was outside Muhammad, and much, much further back than she was in Doha.

              I am also interested to see how Jacobs does next year. Is he going to be a Yulia Nesterenko?

              On a patriotic level, I am also hoping KJT can come out and defend her title. New coach, new set up...lets see how she reacts.


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                Shericka Jackson and Tajay Gayle. Can they win multiple medals in Eugene? Would love to be in Eugene. Going to try to make it happen
                why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                  Originally posted by Steele View Post

                  I think Hocker can get within shouting distance of Ing, and can certainly kick him down if he can stay close.
                  Why do you think Hocker can kick down Ing? In Tokyo, Ing's final 300m were 40.8; Hocker was 41.1 Despite running the first 1200m 2.8 seconds faster, Ingebrigtsen was able to close faster over the final 300m. I could see Hocker scalping Ing in a 3:33-34 type race, but I don't think we will see too many of those as long as Tim and Jakob are running.


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                    Mu. 'Nuff said. She went 1:24.44 at 600 in an attempt to attack the WR (she came up 1:55.04) before calling it a season. She'll be on the same track next summer, and by that time she'll be able to hold a high-28.x or low-29.x to bump Kratochvílová off the top of the list.


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                      JuVaughn Harrison - so much potential, will he focus on 1 or stick with both jumps? Can he medal without a focus on 1? Which 1?
                      Justin Robinson - did not develop as expected last year, but he is still so young . He will, I think next year .
                      Donovan Brazier - can he return to previous form ? I think so.
                      Evan Jager - will he return to steeple form? I hope so.


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                        Originally posted by ATK View Post
                        Serious question out of pure curiosity, how do you do that logistically?

                        Do you consistently turn of the stream/TV when the women are competing and turn it back on for the men? Or do you watch the women, but then dont look up or pay attention to results, news etc. on them?
                        I don’t pay a lot of attention to their results or dig particularly into their stories. I’m sure I know more than the guy on the street and definitely a lot less than the folks here.


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                          another WR for Crouser.... in the DT that is :-)


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                            I think Mu will try 400m open next year. She may not win the WC but it would be good experience if she wants to double in 2023.


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                              I've been thinking more about indoors. For example, a women's 400 race featuring Miller-Uibo, McLaughlin, Mu and Bol. That would be terrific. Maybe all 4 sub 50.5, especially if nobody else was in there to clutter things up. I was thinking the New Balance meet as possibility.

                              Outdoors I don't think we'll see any of those proposed records like sub-3:50 for Kipyegon or sub-51 in women's hurdles. Far more likely it will be a regression year and we'll marvel at the 2021 numbers.

                              I was surprised nobody mentioned Mboma or Niyonsaba. They will be intriguing.

                              Also I hope Donovan Brazier rebounds and revitalizes the 800, which was incomparably boring after the United States trials.


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                                Originally posted by gh View Post
                                another WR for Crouser.... in the DT that is :-)
                                I’ll be happy enough if he finishes rewriting the shot put list.