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Maria Lasitskene interview


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  • Maria Lasitskene interview

    About her Tokyo competition and about her life in general with English subs. I've never seen her laugh so much (pretty much all the time for the half an hour) and her energy is infectious. May require proxy to view for north America

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    no problem with access for me


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      Maybe I'm the only one dumb enough not to know this but you must click the closed caption button at the bottom to get the English subtitles. Thanks for the link.


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        subtitles came up without asking for me


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          Originally posted by gh View Post
          subtitles came up without asking for me


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            Should we call her that now?

            Great personality!
            Great insights into herself & her competitions!
            Great interview!

            Paid most attention to what she said about the ban!
            How sad that INNOCENT people have to pay (throw the baby out with the bathwater)!!

            My blog (& tweets) always state she is a RUSSIAN!
            Watching the medal ceremony when she wins is very sad!

            I'm more of a fan now that I've watched this!
            MANYUNYA forever!!


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              I haven't watched it yet but I'm not surprised at the summaries. Nobody had more on the line in Tokyo than Mariya Lasitskene, in terms of long term reputation and especially inner peace. Frankly I think the drop off to second place in that category was greater than second place to last place.

              Consequently I was so thrilled she pulled it off. It almost seemed like too much to ask for. Tokyo were easily the greatest Games of my lifetime in terms of the results matching my wishes. The final two major ones were Lasitskene and the women's indoor volleyball gold.

              Mariya was almost out twice...down to her third attempt at 1.95 in qualifying then again a third attempt early in the final. I believe that was 1.96


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                My favorite.