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Star Vaulter Obiena Files Suit Against Philippines Federation


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  • Star Vaulter Obiena Files Suit Against Philippines Federation

    I have been friends with EJ's Dad and uncle, Emerson and Edward, since we met at the 2017 Asia Masters Championships held in Rugao, China. Wonderful people, (open, honest, committed, transparent) who have taken Filipino TnF to a level they have never been to before.

    And now EJ is being hounded by a corrupt PATAFA. These officials accused EJ of "stealing" the 85,000 Euros to pay the coaching fee of his coach, the legendary Ukrainian Vitaly Petrov. Petrov as confirmed that he has has been paid the agreed 85,000 Euros. EJ also provided them with documentary evidence confirming how and when payments were made.

    Such is the corruption in the Philippines, that it seems to be that EJ and his family probably refused to provide under the table back handers to one of more PATAFA officials.

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    Senate recalls PSC budget over ‘hands-off’ stance on Obiena, Patafa issue

    MANILA, Philippines — The Senate recalled on Monday the proposed 2022 budget of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) for supposedly taking a “hands-off” approach on the issue involving pole vaulter Ernest John Obiena and the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (Patafa).

    It was Sen. Pia Cayetano who moved to recall the budget of the PSC during Monday’s budget plenary deliberations.

    “The reason I am asking for the recall of the budget of PSC is because PSC took a hands-off approach. They said: ‘Work it out.’ How can you do that to your national athlete? Work it out? Look into it. Give importance to our national athlete who was accused just like that. And it was without basis.”


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      Obiena definitely need to change countries if he wants to continue to compete internationally.


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        Now PATAFA's accusation is not theft but paying his coach late.



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          This is a shame. Obiena should be heralded as a national treasure, not treated like a cash cow.


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            PSC intervenes, starts dialogues with Patafa, Obiena

            CEBU CITY, Philippines—The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) said it already started a series of separate dialogues between bemedalled pole vaulter EJ Obiena and the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA).

            In a statement released on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, the PSC said it is bound to mediate on the issue between Patafa and the national athlete.

            Meanwhile, the PSC demanded that both parties should refrain from releasing statements to the public and social media.



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              This getting messier by the day.
              Not sure why Bubka has jumped into this mess.
              It should be an issue between Obiena, Petrov and PATAFA to sort out.



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                Originally posted by SoCal45 View Post
                Obiena definitely need to change countries if he wants to continue to compete internationally.
                Looking more and more like it will happen:


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                  Originally posted by SoCal45 View Post

                  Looking more and more like it will happen:
                  He can become a multimillionaire overnight in Qatar or UAE.


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                    An interview with James Lafferty re Obiena



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                        PSC sets deadline for Obiena, PATAFA to submit to mediation


                        The Philippine Sports Commission Board on Monday revealed that it is still waiting for the Philippine Athletics Track and Field Association and pole vaulter EJ Obiena to return the Mediation Submission Agreement, which the commission forwarded to the two parties last November 25, 2021 in an effort to resolve the conflict between the two.

                        In a special board meeting on Monday, the PSC Board, expressing concern over the delay, agreed to set December 15 as a target date by which time all parties are expected to have submitted to the proposed mediation.


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                          Statement from EJ Obiena on Facebook
                          = = = = = = = = =
                          “Loyalty is a virtue”.

                          I first of all want to thank all of the netizens across the world who have supported me in this controversy. You have honestly been my strength and my inspiration during this past week. I cannot repay you for your love and kindness.

                          And this brings me to the subject of loyalty. I have always believed the loyalty is a core virtue. Something to aspire to. To applaud.

                          My dear friend and mentor James Michael Lafferty spoke with Gretchen Ho several days ago and confirmed I have several offers from other nations to compete under their flag. This is a fact. It is also true I have been approached several years ago already by other nations, floating lucrative pay packages to compete for their flag.

                          Mr. Lafferty and I always agreed loyalty matters. I therefore said “no” several years ago. I love my country. I am proud to compete for the flag of the Philippines. I get chills every time I hear our anthem played and to watch that flag rise high. Every time I step on the podium I force myself not to cry, kasi papangit sabay baka maging meme pa like MJ. From my athletes ego, I take pride and joy to win and win even when I’m not “supposed” to be the victor. I will never abandon my nation because of money. That’s not loyalty. At least not how I define it.

                          Even now, in this current crisis, I have no desire to change nations. I see these statements on social media and active encouragement to switch allegiances. But this is not who I am and why I do this. I want to win for Philippines and show the world what we can do. I want to win for us.

                          I have realized I may at some point have no option. I cannot accept to be accused of false allegations and have my reputation smeared. I know I may at some point be forced into choices I don’t want to make. It seems to be happening a lot lately like defending myself in a rushed presscon. But my goal is focused on winning gold medals for my nation, my country, my flag—The Philippines.

                          Speaking of loyalty, this is the foundation of my strong defense of these allegations. When one values loyalty, one cannot comprehend how my own “mother organization” turned on me, never consulted with me, never asked me any questions, never gave me the benefit of the doubt. That’s not loyalty. Again, at least not how I define it.

                          I am fighting to bring honor and glory for my country. Others fight for ego, or power. But that’s not me. I fight for higher principles. Loyalty is a virtue. And loyalty still matters.

                          Maraming salamat po.


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                            From the article on the front page

                            Why is Bubka conspiring against EJ Obiena and trying to take him down?


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                              Bubka’s affidavit is only repeating what he says he was told by Juico. It appears that Bubka did not check with Petrov to verify the allegations made by Juico. Why?

                              It is also not believable that Juico (PATAFA), 8 years after having arranged to have EJ coached by Petrov, did not have Petrov’s telephone number.

                              With Petrov confirming the allegations made by Juico against EJ were not true, it appears clear that the phone call to Bubka was a planned “hit” job on EJ by Juico, and Bubka was either too stupid to realise he was being set up, or he is part of Juico’s corruption. I am guessing Bubka was just too stupid to realise that he was being set up by Juico.
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