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  • Brussels Blowout

    Despite its proximity (or maybe because of it) I think this Brussels meet Friday will see many marks better than Paris.

    100 - Capel, Chambers, Gatlin, B Wms
    200 - Capel, Gatlin, JJJ, Patton, B Wms
    800 - S-G, Borz, Bungei, Milaud, Sepeng (this is a better line-up than WC and now everyone knows about S-G!)
    St - Everyone's back
    10K - Geb, Kamathi, S Kipketer and KENNEDY!
    110H - USA and Liu
    100 - Arron, Block, Edwards, Gaines, Sturrup, and Kelli
    800 - Ayhan vs. Mutola!
    400H - Glover and Pech
    HJ - everyone
    TJ - everyone + Aldama

    I think many (!) world ranking spots are still on the line.

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    Re: Brussels Blowout

    Let's hope for a sub-20 in the 200 ....


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      Re: Brussels Blowout

      Kennedy is interesting. Ran 28 flat earlier this year while in 13:42 shape. Has since run 13:21 - should break 28. This race may be a determining factor in whether he runs the 5k or 10k at next years trials. I'd guess he'll run 27:30-27:40. Go Bob!


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        Re: Brussels Blowout

        Don't forget Mutua in M800?


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          Re: Brussels Blowout

          OK, now I'm about to break some cyber-law:

          We've had all this talk about how bad the 200 runners are this year. And how the Paris track wasn't all that slow. And how the sky is falling, etc. We haven't had a sub-20 200 this year. I will BET that someone WILL break 20 in Brussels! Even odds! Who wants a piece of that action?! [void where prohibited :-)]


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            Re: Brussels Blowout

            Wasn't Kennedy's 13:21 this year good enough for the "A" standard. Where was he in Paris.


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              Re: Brussels Blowout

              >Wasn't Kennedy's 13:21 this year good enough for
              >the "A" standard. Where was he in Paris.>

              He didn't reach the 'A' standard and even if he had he needed another athlete to get the 'A' standard in order for him to go since he didn't beat Torres who had the 'B' standard at nationals.


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                Re: Brussels Blowout

                live text results at
                No idea if euosport or five live will cover with audio. Providing that sort of information before the fact is not their strong suit.


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                  Re: Brussels Blowout

                  Steeple Results

                  1 Shaheen Saif Saaeed QAT 8:00.06
                  2 Koech Paul KEN 8:00.42
                  3 Vroemen Simon NED 8:09.18
                  4 Nyamu Julius KEN 8:10.33
                  5 Kemboi Ezekiel KEN 8:12.87
                  6 Ezzine Ali MAR 8:13.31
                  7 Tahri Bouabdallah FRA 8:14.44
                  8 El Ouardi Zouhair MAR 8:14.81
                  9 Misoi Kipkirui KEN 8:17.27
                  10 Boit Kipketer Wilson KEN 8:17.86
                  11 Martín Luis Miguel ESP 8:20.89
                  12 Slattery Steve USA 8:24.99
                  13 Cherono Abraham KEN 8:31.73
                  14 Kipyego Michael KEN 8:32.93
                  15 Buc Boštjan SLO 8:38.64
                  Langat John KEN DNF
                  Cheruiyot Abel KEN DNS
                  why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                    Re: Brussels Blowout

                    Asafa Powell wins the hundred in a PB 10.02

                    Keep checking this link for updated results

           ... xtfile.txt
                    why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                      Re: Brussels Blowout

                      Yeah, it shouldn't be forgotten that Powell looked very good in running 10.05 in the Paris heats, equalling Carl Lewis's '83 mark as the fastest first round in WC history. Then he got yanked in the Drummond brouhaha in the quarters, so he may well go down as one of those "what if....?" guys. (note to Brutal: you can post that question in 10 years, but not before)


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                        Re: Brussels Blowout

                        I had seen his heat and had remarked on how easy he looked beating Kim Collins and running 10.05. His is now faster than his big brother Donovan Powell and has better running form. Hopefully he will stay focussed and be ready for Athens. By the way he is a totally homegrown product. Product of the new High Performance Centre where Bolt is apparently going to be now.
                        why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                          Re: Brussels Blowout

                          Kelli White by a whisker. Damn I can't seem to find any coverage
                          why don't people pronounce vowels anymore


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                            Re: Brussels Blowout

                            Looks like our friends to the north can now lay claim to the best female distance runner in North America in Babcock - on a roll that one is - is that a Canadian NR?


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                              Re: Brussels Blowout

                              Thought El G was runnung the 3

                              1 El Guerrouj Hicham MAR 3:28.40
                              2 Baala Mehdi FRA 3:28.98
                              3 Korir Paul KEN 3:30.72
                              4 Rono Robert KEN 3:31.33
                              5 Kipchirchir Alex KEN 3:31.42
                              6 Higuero Juan Carlos ESP 3:31.61
                              7 Kipkurui Benjamin KEN 3:32.58
                              8 Shabunin Vyacheslav RUS 3:32.63
                              9 Silva Rui POR 3:33.04
                              10 Chirchir William KEN 3:33.61
                              11 Chirchir Cornelius KEN 3:34.16
                              12 Songok Isaac KEN 3:34.85
                              13 Boukensa Tarek ALG 3:35.31
                              14 Parra Roberto ESP 3:35.54
                              15 Rotich Laban KEN 3:35.90
                              16 Essaadi Ridouane BEL 3:44.09
                              Lelei David KEN DNF
                              Liefers Gert-Jan NED DNF
                              Whiteman Anthony GBR DNF
                              why don't people pronounce vowels anymore