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Swedish jumpers !

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  • Swedish jumpers !

    How about the Swedish jumpers in Paris?
    Sweden with about 8mill people collects 4 medals and the U.S. who used to own the jumps only gets 1 medal.(interestingly enough in the L.J. that was considered so weak a few seasons ago)
    That the U.S. only gets a 6th in the mens P.V. is absolutely stunning. All the U.S. vaulters were 32 years old and more, what goes on? Do we have to wait for the Skipper kid?
    Come to think of it Sweden could easily have gotten another medal in the womens L.J. had Kluft been jumping.

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    Re: Swedish jumpers !

    Do we have to wait for the Skipper kid? Well, yes, actually. Hopefully it won't be that long a wait.