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¶ '22 WC m35W—Massimo Stano (Italy) 2:23:14 (WL)


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  • ¶ '22 WC m35W—Massimo Stano (Italy) 2:23:14 (WL)

    T&FN formchart

    1. Massimo Stano (Italy)

    2. Perseus Karlström (Sweden)

    3. Masatora Kawano (Japan)

    4. Miguel Ángel López (Spain)

    5. Dawid Tomala (Poland)

    6. Evan Dunfee (Canada)

    7. Daisuke Matsunaga (Japan)

    8. Tomohiro Noda (Japan)

    9. Marc Tur (Spain)

    10. José Luis Doctor (Mexico)
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    Recovery from the 20 will determine how well Christie does. Top 25 would be a good result.


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      Early move from Matsunaga, 37 seconds ahead at 3km.

      Matsunaga 20:14 through 5km; which is essentially WR pace. (There is no official world record for the 35 yet; but the unofficial world best is Vladimir Kanaykin's 2:21:31, and for such an obscure event that's a really strong mark.)
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        Peacock not showing the race. World Athletics "live" coverage seems less than advertised.

        Fixed the issue.
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          Originally posted by booond View Post
          Peacock not showing the race. World Athletics "live" coverage seems less than advertised.
          I suspect some kind of glitch. A large photo of a race walker is featured on the Peacock sports home page and the time block says coverage started an hour ago.

          But clicking on the block only yields the "Coverage will begin shortly."

          Edit: just kicked in, Hutchings mid-sentence.
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            At 16km ... They're now catching Matsunaga by around 5s per km, mainly due to Matsunaga's pace dropping a bit over the last 3km. At that rate they would catch him around the 26km mark.

            Ooh, 11s made up on the 17th kilometre! Now just a 37s lead.


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              4km to go and we're down to four battling for 3 medals - Karlstrom (SWE), Stano (ITA), Pintado (ECU) & Kawano (JPN).

              On course for a winning time of 2:23-low.


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                Okay, going out for a walk.


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                  Originally posted by booond View Post
                  Okay, going out for a walk.
                  At 4:05 per kilometre pace? 😁


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                    Great race! Olympic 20km champ Massimo Stano just edging Masatora Kawano to the Gold.

                    A third World bronze medal for Karlstrom, though he did win the World Team Championships 35km this year.

                    Area Records, National Records & PBs all over the place.

                    Stano's winning time of 2:23:14 should be considered the World Best given who set the supposed best time and where.


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                      Christie 36th in 2:41:08, 3rd best time in US history.

                      US Top 10 list
                      1 2022 Nick Christie (Decathlon USA) 2:38:16
                      2 2001 Curt Clausen (NYAC) 2:38:45
                      2022 -- Christie 2:41:08
                      3 1984 Carl Schueler (East Side TC) 2:41:26
                      4 1984 Jim Heiring 2:41:46
                      5 1996 Herm Nelson 2:47:11
                      6 1971 Bob Kitchen 2:47:34.0
                      7 1982 Marco Evoniuk (Frank Shorter Racing Team) 2:48:08
                      2022 -- Christie 2:48:48
                      1982 -- Heiring 2:50:56
                      8 2008 Philip Dunn (New Balance) 2:51:07
                      9 1984 Vincent O'Sullivan (East Side TC) 2:52:14
                      10 1972 Larry Young (Columbia College) 2:52:41
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                        Congratulations to Massimo Stano.
                        Who was the genius came up with 35k walk? Most probably same minds who changed winter Olympics 50k CC to 28k but at least the reason was bitter cold.

                        I like 10k and 30k walks or 20 & 50km walks.

                        How about compromise? 20k and 40k in 2023 championship?


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                          Italy's first WC gold in any event since 2003!


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                            Will T&FN start putting out a deep list of 35K times, world & US??
                            When doing my blog on the 35's, I just assumed this was the A-T world list, as well as the list of finishers1
                            And sooooo many National Records!!