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Khalid Khannouchi Out of Chicago

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  • Khalid Khannouchi Out of Chicago

    Looks like a small injury is going to keep KK out of the Chicago Marathon, so he can be sure he's ready for the Olympic Trials in Feb.

    What is the prevailing sentiment: Should a current world record holder be given a automatic slot the Olympic team (may be only if it was set since the last Olympics)?

    My view on this for KK is no, we should make him run the trials only because maybe they will televise it then so I can see it, if not I'll have to drive alway to Alabama in Feb. (ok sorta selfish of me, huh)

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    Re: Khalid Khannouchi Out of Chicago

    I looks as if Khalid Khannouchi will not be around to bail US marathoners out.