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NCAA Outdoor T&F 2006


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  • NCAA Outdoor T&F 2006

    Trackwire has just listed their projections for the outdoor meet (see Home). Florida State is "picked" amoung the mens' teams and Texas for the women. In looking at the dirty dozen that they base their projections on I was a little disappointed.

    Let see, Arkansas placed where exactly in the NCAA XC meet and is expected to get 31 points in the distance races? Wisconsin did a little better and they are listed as getting 7 points, including in zero in the 10,000 despite have the runaway XC (10K)) champ and #9 at. If I were a betting man I would bet that Arkansas scores fewer than 31 and Wisconsin more than 7. I seem to recall that Wisconsin scored more than twice as many points in the Indoor while not even running the #1 and #9 from XC. But then again, I am biased.

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    Arkansas people (paraticularly when they have multiple runners in the race,which is like, oh, usually!) are generally known to come through very well at Nationals. Not that Wisco has any negative reputation.

    If you look at the February issue's Collegiate Preview, w/ the listings of eligibles by PRs, note that in steeple, A has No. 3 (6 points), W has nobody. In 5K, Arkansas has No. 1 & 10 (10 points), W has 5 & 6 (7pts). In 10K A has No. 2 & 3 (14pts), W has 1 (10pts).

    So by that elemental (but flawed) rubric, A would outscore W 30-17.


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      Speaking of outdoor NCAA projections, does anyone have a clue as to when they are going to publish a timetable? I know I've asked this before, but I'd still like to know. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's eager to have this information.


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        Let me splain sometehing to you: you're a fan: you don't count!