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  • HOME COOKING AT ITS FINEST.....just switch the time

    Upon further review.....we think that we'll switch the time since you were so close to the DECA CR anyway, we could fudge the numbers a little. Who's kicking out results up there, former Enron and Healthsould execs?? Maybe Trey should toss them a high five at the local austin steakhouse as they all celebrate together. Its ashamed that a great performance shall forever be in doubt by knowledgable deca folks. I mean come on..........switching the final results to go from one point shy to one point cliche. But hey.........maybe they can make a t-shirt that says: "I broke the collegiate record, i all I got was this lowsy t-shirt"


    Entering the final event, the 1500 meters, with 7,940 points, Hardee needed 524 points to set the new collegiate decathlon record. He placed ninth at 5:06.73 for 522 points, initially leaving him one point shy of the collegiate record. However, a photo review of day one's 00-meter dash indicated Hardee completed the event in 10.35, rather than 10.36, thus, adding three points to Hardee's total, giving him the NCAA decathlon record. He also set the collegiate record in the heptathlon in January at the New Mexico Multi-Events Meet.

    “Any time a record is close to being broken, I always go back and verify the results,” said meet official John Chaplin. “We re-read the photos from the running events. We found that in the 100 meters, Trey's time read 10.35. The pictures will be sent to USA Track and Field and the NCAA, and the records committee will give its final approval.” }}

    LOL :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    Maybe we should go back and look at Pappas' photos. :evil:

    The french and russian judges.

    hey Rome................. Rack Me

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    I assume the photo still exists. So, read it. If Hardee got a homer read, it will wash out and Pappas will remain the CR holder. For the nonce. FWIW the villian who had the reread made is the former Wazzu coach, John Chapin, with no connection to UT of which I am aware. If you are into conspiracy theories, the reread of Daley Thompson's HH at the '84 games was done by Robin Sparks (a Brit), which belatedly gave Daley the =WR, and when the rescoring with the '85 tables was done, the record alone.