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  • This Week's Reilly

    Here are excerpts from RR's SI column this week. Note the track entries:

    Putting It In Writing - Rick Reilly

    Why are sport's unwritten rules unwritten? Get a Xerox machine under these puppies and have a copy on everybody's desk in the morning:

    Never, ever put your finger in someone else's bowling ball.

    A manager never drinks at the same bar as his players.

    No NBA player attempting a layup in the fourth quarter of a tight game should go unfouled.

    In a losing clubhouse you must act as if there has been a death in the family.

    A first base coach never stands in the first base coaching box.

    Never blow your nose before a fight. (It makes the eyes swell easier later on.)

    Always clear the inside lane for faster runners.

    A catcher may complain to the ump all he wants about balls and strikes, as long as he doesn't turn around and do it face-to-face.

    Never start the 100 meters in a decathlon into a wind. Trade false starts until the breeze is favorable.

    Except for Rocky Marciano, the challenger always enters the ring first -- and always will.

    The bus may be delayed by superstars only.

    Rookies shag balls, whether they are millionaires or not.

    The caddie of the last player to putt plants the flag.

    NBA refs will take some trash from head coaches but not a word from an assistant coach.

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    Re: This Week's Reilly

    Never blow your nose before a fight. (It makes the eyes swell easier later on.)

    How about this one:
    Always blow your nose before figure skating.
    During the Games, I was surprised to see ALL the skaters blowing before their preformances.