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    Originally posted by Big Tusk View Post

    You've never heard of appearance fees?
    Not for the 5th Avenue Mile, no!


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      Originally posted by aaronk View Post

      Not for the 5th Avenue Mile, no!
      Now you have.


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        Originally posted by tgs3 View Post

        It sure was stupid of the other athletes not to run 3:51.94 and beat her.
        No. It was their hope that she would stay closer to the pack and within the boundaries of what a tactical race is. She decided to make it a real race and that was it. The rest were either running for silver or hoping she would somehow crash and burn on the last lap.


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          I think tgs3 was being sarcastic.


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            Originally posted by NotDutra5 View Post

            The marathon record issue is well documented. Where are you getting the 10mi and 10k records being short?
            The information re the short courses was widely disseminated by the running media at the time.

            If you go to the ARRS site, you will see their PBs as 31:28 for GW for 10 km and 47:32 for CV for 10 miles.



            If you scroll down to the previously mentioned races, you will see that GW's 31:00 10 km and CV's 46:31 10 M are noted with an "x" , which is explained by the following.

            Statistically invalid – performances achieved on courses that have a net drop of more than 5 m/km, courses that have been shown to have been short, and races that the statistical analysis indicates are not valid. These performances are indicated with an “x” suffixed to the time and are not included in rankings or records lists.

            There was no net drop in either of the Central Park courses.


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              Good info Mr. September. If you look further at the Trevira race from 1980 it says specifically unacceptable for records.....short course. I assume it was fixed since other Trevira's do not have the same dis-qualifier attached.


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                Originally posted by Black September View Post

                NYRRC races were notoriously short in that era, eg Craig Virgin's 46;23 10 mile "AR" in the Trevira Twosome, Grete Waitz's 31:00 10 km "WR" in the NY mini-marathon, Alberto Salazar's 2:08;13 "WR" in the NY Marathon. IMO, this likely accounts for the longevity of the CR for the Fifth Avenue Mile, more so than the "wind" theory.
                I never have heard any mention of favorable wind conditions. And the fact that this was a straight-line race eliminates the main problem with road course measurements of the time, failure to follow the required “prudent runner’s” course.
                Maree was quite adept at forging a hard pace and the one uphill on the course was crested very near the 880, which was reached in 1:52.8.
                What Maree told me subsequently was that as it was the first race on the course none of the runners were familiar enough with landmarks along the way. Tthey—and Maree specifically—thought the finish appeared closer than it wad. Panic set in and people were kicking sooner than they would have had the race been on an oval.

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