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more 1500m u.s. men talk


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    Re: more 1500m u.s. men talk

    >We need to have our
    >national championship in late July so our guys
    >can also be at their peak for the Eruo circuit
    >(where they can run fast) and be as competitive
    >as possible at Worlds/Olympics. Of course this
    >won't turn our guys into world beaters, but it'll
    >help some. Masback et al need to stop sniffing
    >the jocks of whoever wants early nationals and
    >make this obvious, far overdue change.

    You mean the college coaches?


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      Re: more 1500m u.s. men talk

      >>Of course,
      >that won't happen, because the US
      >doesn't look
      >out for its middle/long distance
      >Sprinters are spoon fed.

      So when
      >was the last time a sprinter was given a free
      >pass to the Olympic team just by demonstrating
      >fitness outside of winning the OT?

      I think he's talking about ex-champ sprinters not having to run rounds. We should apply this to our middle and distance guys who are defending national champs instead of just world champs or whatever. Maybe it's not fair, but the US needs to fix things up. Maybe he's also talking about how the US federation apparently looks the other way when it comes to sprinters violating drug rules.


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        Re: more 1500m u.s. men talk

        I have a simple solution for US distance running woes - run faster!