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    El Toro will be pleased that one of his favourite athletes makes her return to the track this weekend. Hot and fairly still conditions in Canberra today so could see some decent performances in sprints and jumps.

    Some of the fields:

    100 Connolly Lane Mucci Basic Quirk Edwards Reynolds
    200 Connolly Edwards Quirk Andrew
    400 Carli Pretorius Bisset Guthrie Kirsopp-Cole
    800 Small Skyring
    1500 Skyring Winkcup
    100H Mucci Takchi
    HJ Olyslagers
    LJ Buschkeuhl Dale Yue HKG Clark McGuire
    TJ Cuba Owusu

    100 Osei-Nketia NZL Penny Despard Hale Azzopardi Coorey-Ewings Bond Kamara Rodgrigues Chico
    200 Rowe Bond Azzopadri Romanin Despard Goschnik Kamara Rodrigues Chico
    400 Beck Searle Atkinson Halpin Murphy van Ratingen
    110H Hough Lightfoot McCorry
    LJ Ko HKG Taylor Freyer Fairweather Wecker

    Results to date:

    800 Small 2-06.12 Cooper 2-07.66
    100H h1 (2.4) Mucci 12.90 h2 (0.4) Britton 13.72
    ​100H (0.9) Mucci 12.97 Britton 13.49 Skelton 13.988​
    ​400H Mate 59.19

    100 q1 (2.4) Hartmann 10.36 Bennett 10.56 Jabba 10.77 q2 (-0.3) Hansford 10.68 Okerenyang 10.80
    q3 (1.3) Nicolussi 10.53 Goschnik 10.64 q4 (2.4) McKenna 10.46 Kaszonyi 10.67
    q5 (1.0) Riali 10.75 Duggan 10.84 q6 (1.5) Perris 10.65 Templeton 10.67
    800 Raper 1-46.45 Boyes 1-46.69 McGown 1-47.19 Harrison 1-47.46
    110H (1.1) McCorry 13.71 Lightfoot 13.99
    400H Fry 50.83 Fokas 51.14 Proudfoot 51.39 McFadden 52.16​

    Pretty impressive debut over the senior hurdles for young Lightfoot.
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      Gout Gout is entered in the non-championship 100 as well.


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        Brooke fouled her first jump but reached out to 6.56m in the second round.


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          Originally posted by rhizobium View Post
          Gout Gout is entered in the non-championship 100 as well.
          and Sebastian Sultana is running in U20 events.


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            H1 (3.3) Connolly 11.25 Lowe 11.77
            H2 (2.7) Lane 11.47 Hotten 11.81
            H3 (1.3) Basic 11.48 Praciak 11.67
            H4 (1.3) Quirk 11.63 Loizou 11.95
            H5 (1.6) Stallan 11.51 Edwards 11.54 Inkster 11.72
            H6 (3.9) Geddes 11.36 Reynolds 11.65

            Huge PB for SA's Lakara Stallan - just out of junior ranks - to beat Kristie Edwards.


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              Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
              800 Raper 1-46.45.
              Improves PB by 1.5 secs (from 1.47.97) in his season opener!


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                H1 (2.1) Agnew 10.40 Hartmann 10.42 Tarrant 10.49 Holdsworth 10.50
                H2 (1.6) Azzopardi 10.33 Rowe 10.44 McKenna 10.49
                H3 (2.8) Despard 10.13 Osei-Nketia NZL 10.16 Bond 10.26 Romanin 10.33
                H4 (1.6) Penny 10.33 Coorey-Ewings 10.36 Hansford 10.61​

                Hopefully the men's & women's finals get a nice legal wind.


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                  The Canberra Times had a (paywalled) half page article + photo, talking about Jack Hale's plans leading up to Paris OG. If so inclined, the text is easily viewable in the page source.

                  If anybody wants a precis, let me know.


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                    H1 (1.4) Sultana `10.46
                    H2 (2.3) Ayoade 10.52
                    H3 (0.8) Colgan 10.51 Kabba 10.59
                    H4 (2.6) Hasler 10.69

                    H1 (2.5) Krause 12.25
                    H2 (3.7) Harrison 11.84
                    H3 (3.4) Taylor 11.85

                    100 (2.3) Gout 10.45

                    LJ Buschkeuhl 6.61m (0.9) McGuirre 6.47m (2.8) & 6.43m (1.3) Yue HKG 6.27m (1.0) Lowe 6.26m (1.1)

                    Only two legal jumps for Brooke but at least she seems healthy.​
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                      Originally posted by El Toro View Post

                      If anybody wants a precis, let me know.
                      Does he say anything about an injury because he was a DNS today..


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                        Originally posted by AS View Post

                        Improves PB by 1.5 secs (from 1.47.97) in his season opener!
                        The improvements of the top 4 seem unusual but then, I have no insight into their training/injury/development profiles.

                        Here's their race time, previous PB, (year of PB) and Improvement all sourced from the IAAF data. Note that Boyes had a seed time of 1:48.50, faster than his listed PB and McGown's seed time was his PB from last year, which he improved just last week by .4.

                        Lachlan Raper 1:46.45, 1:47.97 ('21) -1.52
                        Luke Boyes 1:46.69, 1:50.12 ('22) -3.43 seed 1:48.50
                        Riley McGown 1:47.19, 1:48.87 ('23) -1.68 seed 1:49.27 PB ('22)
                        Jamie Harrison 1:47.46, 1:48.34 ('22) -0.88​


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                          Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post

                          Does he say anything about an injury because he was a DNS today..

                          Key elements of the longer story after blather mostly deleted:

                          Australian sprinter Jack Hale is gearing up for a "career-defining" stretch in his athletics career, and it all starts in Canberra this weekend.

                          Hale burst onto the track scene as a teen phenom. In 2014, footage of his 10.13-second 100-metre sprint in Adelaide went viral, instantly crowning him the next big thing in athletics. Now 10 years on, Hale hasn't quite reached the heights that was hoped, but he's adamant the best is yet to come, and the Athletics ACT Open Championships this weekend is where he's set to launch into his biggest jump yet.

                          I'm very much unfinished in every way, shape, and form. I think it's been good to now, but my career-defining moments are going to be over the next 18 months leading into the next Olympic Games in Paris. Up until now yes, I've run some good times but that's sort of meaningless unless you show some good shape going into the Olympic years and produce when it really matters. That's probably the thing has been missing.
                          Hale talks about the depth of Australian sprinting and the need to match Rohan Browning

                          Absolutely there's competitiveness, and that's amazing to see. I am the sixth-fastest Australian of all time. If I had run my times in most other eras, I would be winning these meets by two or three metres, week in and week out. But the fact that you have guys there that are running 10.00, 10.2 or 10.3, and it's such a big crop, it's amazing for us individually and for Australian athletics.
                          Wants to get down to 10 flat at least to have a chance in Paris and will keep training in Hobart with his support team.

                          Now going forward I want to see consistency, and to stay healthy.
                          He notes that making the final in Paris would be good not just for him, but for the sport as well, especially leading into the 2032 Games. Laying down an example for the next generation of sprinters.


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                            100 Finals
                            M (-0.2) Despard 10.21 Osei-Nketia 10.21 Azzopardi 10.25 Penny 10.34 Bond 10.35 Coorey-Ewings 10.41
                            B (0.2) Rowe 10.40 Hartmann 10.46

                            W (2.6) Connolly 11.21 Geddes 11.39 Basic 11.44 Lane 11.47 Edwards 11.50 Reynolds 11.53
                            B (0.5) Hotten 11.69

                            U20 (0.3) Sultana 10.32 Ayoade 10.41 Colgan 10.44 Kabba 10.45
                            U20 (2.3) Harrison 11.76 Taylor 11.82

                            LJ Freyer 7.78m (1.4) Ko HKGF 7.75m (0.4) Taylor 7.65m (1.3)​
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                              ACT Champs

                              Not blockbuster standard but some decent performances from youngsters. Most notable was sixteen year old Chelsy Wayne, who comfortably exceeded her All Schools PB of 47.63 in five rounds for a new best of 51.23! Results with PB and date in brackets

                              1 Ashlyn Blackstock 19, 51.64PB (50.13 24 Jan 2020)

                              2 Chelsyy Wayne 16, 51.23PB (47.63 9 Dec 2022)
                              49.27, 47.84, 50.05, 51.23, 42.03, 48.24

                              3 Sally Shokry 21, 49.27(4th best) (50.91PB 18 April 2022)​


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                                Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post

                                LJ Buschkeuhl 6.61m (0.9) McGuirre 6.47m (2.8) & 6.43m (1.3) Yue HKG 6.27m (1.0) Lowe 6.26m (1.1)

                                Only two legal jumps for Brooke but at least she seems healthy.​
                                Annie McGuire the 22 year old in 2nd hit her 2nd best jump ever in the first round with that 6.43. It's also just behind her PB of 6.49 +1.6 in December 2020. Some more consistent winds later in the season should get her in the 6.50-60 range. Today she faced winds of 0.0 to +3.3 across the competition but also from R4 to R5.