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  • Originally posted by El Toro View Post
    My big effort for the weekend.
    Dhruv Rodrigues Toro... does more for Kiwiland now...


    • Originally posted by AS View Post
      [B]Sunday so far

      Sunday West
      Lucinda Crouch (Wisconsin) WSteeple West
      Brooke Mullins (Drake) WSteeple West
      Carley Thomas (Washington) QF W800 West
      Rose Pittman (UCLA) QF W800 West
      Alana Yukich (UTSA) QF W400mH West
      Amelia Mazza-Downie (New Mexico) W5000 West
      Ruby Smee (San Francisco) W5000 West
      Nikita Moore (Northern Arizona) W5000 West


      18. Brooke MULLINS Drake [JR] 10:10.17 (4th in Heat 3) DNQ
      20. Lucinda CROUCH Wisconsin [SR] 10:15.41 (9th in Heat 1) DNQ


      8. Rose PITTMAN UCLA [JR] 2:04.31 PB (4th in Heat 2 ) q (PB was 2:04.63 18 Apr 2021)
      11. Carley THOMAS Washington [JR] 2:05.09 (2nd in Heat 3 ) Q


      14. Alanah YUKICH UTSA [JR] 57.30 SB (5th in Heat 2 ) DNQ


      4. Amelia MAZZA-DOWNIE New Mexico [JR] 15:36.02 (2nd in Heat 2 ) Q
      18. Ruby SMEE San Francisco [SO] 16:00.25 (10th in Heat 1 ) DNQ
      34. Nikita MOORE Northern Arizona [SO] 16:23.16 (16th in Heat 2 ) DNQ


      • Originally posted by gm View Post
        Abbey Caldwell 1:58.92 in Manchester
        When I first saw this result I thought 'yeah yeah musta been paced by some Brits'. Then when I looked deeper and saw she won, dragged Mageean to a new Irish record and (apparently... can't find a video) no pacemakers, it's a ton more impressive,

        First Aussie woman to run her first 800m races in a calendar year under 1-59,


        • Ash not looking very happy with his disc - understandable with his best today being 5m below his PB.


          • In Gotzis after seven events, Moloney 6094 (4th, looking flat after yesterday, untidy hurdles and underwhelming discus, still only 14 points off third), Golubovic 5923 (12th after a strong discus, with some good events to come), Dubler 5827 (15th, will be hoping for a good performance in one of his strongest events, the PV). Crase is on 4426 (15th) in the heptathlon after five events.
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            • Crase having a decent comp but unless she can produce a huge PB in the 800 is unlikely to trouble her PB for the event.


              • Some Oz results from the weekend:

                Gotzis - Golubovic 8301 (6th), Dubler 8009 (14th), Moloney DNF (pulled out of the 1500 after an indifferent discus, PV and javelin; looked injured); Crase 5925 (18th)
                Rabat DL - Bisset 2.00.11 (2nd), Hoare 3.33.39 (3rd), Hall 4.03.56 (6th)
                Chania, Greece - (MLJ) Rucker legal 7.86 (1st) (MTJ) Konle legal 16.60 (2nd)
                Rehlingen, Germany - Deng 1.46.86, Edwards 3.37.91
                Forbach - France - (M800) Perrott 1.46.74 (5th), (MTJ) Hinson legal 16.48 (2nd)
                Cyprus - Day 23.73
                Oordegem, Belgium (M400H) Fry 50.95
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                • Updated Oz entrant list for Rome DL:

                  (WPV) Kennedy
                  (M5000) McSweyn, Rayner
                  (M100) Browning
                  (W1500) Hall, Caldwell, Hull


                  • Originally posted by typpo View Post
                    Updated Oz entrant list for Rome DL:

                    (M100) Browning
                    Thank you Mr Jacobs..


                    • Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post

                      Thank you Mr Jacobs..
                      Hopefully Mr. B can get that sub-10.


                      • Good performances by Nina (SB) & Browning, Hall & Caldwell overnight.

                        But of course the MVP was Jess Hull with that 1500m AR, Was worried she wasn't gonna be able to stick on that WR pace but she backed herself and had an amazing run.


                        • Rome DL:
                          (W1500) Hull 3.57.29 (3rd, AR), Caldwell 4.01.34 (6th), Hall 4.02.43 (10th)
                          (WPV) Kennedy 4.61 (3rd)
                          (M100) Browning legal 10.15 (6th)
                          (M5000) McSweyn 13.23.81 (16th)

                          Aussies competing in Hengelo this weekend: Ramsden. Edwards (M1500), Hall (W1500), Marschall (MPV)
                          Bergen,Norway: Thomas, Rory Hunter, Callum Davies (M3000), Sanford (W800), Lewis (W200), Rucker (MLJ), Jones (W100H), Billings (W1500), Perrott, Deng (M800) Whelan (WHJ), Rose Davies (W5000)
                          Nashville, USA - Ryan (W1500), Douglas (M400H)
                          Chorzow, Poland: Browning (M100)
                          Lucca, Italy - Raper (M800)
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                          • Originally posted by typpo View Post
                            Aussies competing
                            Nice work


                            • El Toro, enjoy your Aussie posts! I'm very curious how the Aussue 'elite of the elite' deal with a year like '23 with an August WC and Sept DL final.... do they just have one long 10+ month track season?


                              • Originally posted by typpo View Post
                                Aussies competing ...
                                Chorzow, Poland: Browning (M100)
                                Also Bisset in the 800.