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Boston: Devil's Advocate Question


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  • Originally posted by XI
    Originally posted by gh
    What part of my "cease and desist" was unclear?
    I'm fine with that.
    Dang! I miss all the fun stuff - Been at my Regional Championship meet all day and by the time I get back, the principal has ended recess early! In response to your earlier inquiry about my 'hostility', I'm many things, but hostile is not one of them. If, however, one of my 'friends' (and yes, I'm pathetic enough to consider MANY of the posters here my friends) is being treated poorly, I do not sit back and 'let it go'. I sincerely hope that you, XI, see that we are not the 'enemy' and choose to 'play nice' with us. I believe that was the gist of gh's post also, that you are 'fine with'.

    Today was a good day in tafnutland and I hope that tomorrow we are all friends and we can enjoy the upcoming season together. Group hug now? Ah, yes, very nice. Thank you.


    • Originally posted by kuha
      Originally posted by eldrick

      my good friend

      there is an ultimate question in all M topics :

      how tough/good/etc was baldini's og win ( i was there a little way past hilton hotel expecting to see tergat cruise thru - but i almost fell over dumbfounded when i saw he wasn't "there" )

      tergat was running easy along the way & got injured, that brazilian was leading a good way into it, until he got mugged - all i've read after is that, the brazilian was dying before mugging(?)

      big question in M running:

      how good was baldini's run ?
      Eldy: I will admit to not being a Baldini fan. I think he had his day of days on the best possible day, aided by hideous conditions. But I definitely don't think that one run makes him "great." Given the tough course and tough conditions, I just don't know how one could rate his performance on an easy course & in perfect conditions. But I certainly don't expect him to be in the top 4 in London...let's see how right/wrong I am...
      A belated way of saying that "even a blind hog finds a few acorns." Your pal, Nostradamus...


      • Originally posted by MJD
        Man, is it tough searching for stuff by people with two letter handles.
        Now fixed, I see.