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Eugene the place to be this evening for distance fans


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  • Eugene the place to be this evening for distance fans

    Start lists for the Oregon Invitational, tonight is the distance carnival: ... LID=269574

    Lots of our young distance hopefuls entered:

    Rankin, Rupp, Ritz, Tegenkamp, Riley, Solinsky, Lockhart, Pfifer, Schoolmeester, Wagner, See, and more.

    Oh....and Gabe.

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    Gabe has changed sponsors.


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      Eu-Gene Acres is the place to be. . .!


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        Just to clarify, the distance "carnival" is tonight (Friday) with most of the stars listed above in that.

        G. Rupp and Gabe J. will be running in Saturday's afternoon session in the McChesney mile -- should be interesting.

        Gabe is now running for Team Running USA.


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          Originally posted by dj
          Eu-Gene Acres is the place to be. . .!
          Arnold Ziffle is favored in the pig race.


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            Why is nothing happening on all of the track and field boards. I cannot get LetsRun at all, nothing new is showing up here, I cannot get any information on the Oregon meet. Does anyone have information on the meets and links that actually give you something (the Oregon site has been absolutely useless to me)?


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              Live results are up at:

              As of 9:41 PDT events through women's 5000m Sect A are posted.


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                Results are up but slow and no talk on any of the boards including this one. I feel like I'm back in the stone ages trying to find results. And what's up with letsrun? Can't be an april fools joke this time.


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                  Ritz Wins 13:25

         ... /index.htm


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                    Here is the Men's 5000, which seems to be the best race so far. It seems that Dathan is getting back in form, as is Tegenkamp who has been injured this winter/spring. Also, Solinsky might move up the college rankings with this showing. On the Downside, I think people were hoping for more from Max King and none of the other college runners had particularly good times.

                    1 Dathan Ritzenhein Nike 13:25.81
                    2 Chris Solinsky Wisconsin 13:27.94
                    3 Matthew Tegenkamp Nike 13:33.53
                    4 Jonathon Riley Nike 13:35.34
                    5 Jason Hartmann Nike 13:36.33
                    6 Monder Rizki Unattached 13:39.94
                    7 Kurt Benninger Notre Dame 13:55.54
                    8 Eric Logsdon Team XO 14:00.00
                    9 Christian Wagner Wisconsin 14:02.79
                    10 Chris Estwanik Nike Farm Team 14:10.18
                    11 Scott Overall Butler University 14:11.24
                    12 Lyle Weese Big Sur Distance 14:12.54
                    13 John Moore Portland 14:14.73
                    14 Steve Sundell Nike Farm Team 14:19.95
                    15 Max King Team XO 14:26.94
                    16 Trever Ball Utah State 14:27.75


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                      Good return to action by 2-time XC champ Bairu. Cabada follows up his 13:34 from Mt. SAC with an excellent run. He ran a 10k at Duke just two weeks ago!

                      University of Oregon
                      Oregon Invitational - 4/21/2006 to 4/22/2006
                      Hayward Field - Univ. of Oregon - Eugene, Ore
                      Last Completed Event

                      Event 29 Men 10000 Meter Run
                      ================================================== =============
                      Name Year School Finals
                      ================================================== =============
                      1 Fernando Cabada Virginia Intermo 28:25.62
                      2 Simon Bairu Wisconsin 28:36.11
                      3 Robert Cheseret Arizona 28:46.07
                      4 Stuart Eagon Wisconsin 28:47.04
                      5 Tim Nelson Wisconsin 28:49.98
                      6 Brandon Reiff Unattached 29:17.61
                      7 Antonio Vega Minnesota 29:17.91
                      8 Mark Korir Wyoming 29:22.69
                      9 Antony Ford Wisconsin 29:26.66
                      10 Jeff Powers Cent Michigan 29:42.74
                      11 Bobby Lockhart Wisconsin 29:46.71
                      12 John Ealy Ohio State 29:48.65
                      13 Kaleb Van Ort Notre Dame 30:10.67
                      14 Steve Laurie Team Eugene 30:13.34
                      15 Patrick Parsel Cal Davis 30:30.45
                      16 Travis Boyd Washington 30:37.56
                      17 Nick McCombs Brigham Young 30:45.39
                      18 Dylan Mason Team XO 30:48.36
                      19 Mark Currell Spokane CC 30:51.05
                      20 Jorge Murillo Cal Davis 30:52.01
                      21 Oscar Ponce Boston AA 30:54.81
                      22 Mike Quackenbush Portland 30:59.67
                      23 David Morgan Lane CC 31:01.91
                      24 Colin Longmuir Portland 31:02.50
                      25 Antonio Miramontes Chico State 31:18.55
                      26 Sam Scotchmer Cent Washington 31:50.01
                      -- Kevin Krohn Portland DNF
                      -- Adam Goucher (Pacer) Nike DNF
                      -- Steven Schenck Sacramento St DNF


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                        Ritzenhein's an early 8th fastest time in the World, while Solinsky posted the 11th fastest time in the World. Choge (KEN) leads with his 12:56.41 Commonwealth victory.

                        Also, Marla Runyan's 32:11.92 is the 6th fastest time in the world behind Abeylegesse's (TUR) 30:21.67 solo effort. Good return to form by Runyan.


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                          From Wisconsin homepage:

                          Solinsky Runs Season's Fastest 5000

                          MADISON, Wis. - Junior Chris Solinsky ran the fastest 5,000 meter race by a collegian this year to lead the Wisconsin men’s track and field team at the Oregon Invitational in Friday’s late results.

                          The Stevens Point, Wis., native ran an NCAA regional qualifying time of 13 minutes, 27.94 seconds, improving his personal best by nearly 10 seconds. His time is the second fastest ever run by a UW athletes, just behind Matt Tegenkamp’s school-record mark of 13:26.36 set last summer. Nike’s Dathan Ritzenheim won the race in 13:25.81 while Tegenkamp, who is now competing for Nike, finished third in 13:33.53.
                          Article continues...


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                            Don't remember ever seeing a 14:00.00 before.

                            8 Eric Logsdon Team XO 14:00.00

                            I do remember Derek Ibbotson being the first to run 4:00.0, and I remember seeing a 4:00.00, but I don't remember the runner.


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                              I once had a complete list of all 4:00.0 milers, but I lost it. I do seem to recall that Arne Kvalheim was a member, speaking of things Oregonish.