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American women's jav - why the low standard?


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    Where did Kreiner get the 60.88? It wasn't in the last couple eTNs, the USATF still carries her 60.86 from '03, and I couldn't find it on the IAAF site. But then again, in the world scheme of things, not so much.

    Edit: I was looking for a blurb. Her MSR 57.xx is still carried, but the list was last updated 7 April.


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      Davis, last weekend.


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        Originally posted by gh
        Davis, last weekend.
        Thanx. The meet was on the T&F list, but no link (maybe no site) and didn't make the eTN or Chron (or I missed it in the Chron)


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          New Zealand have you guys owned in womens javelin. YEOW


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            Originally posted by big mac
            New Zealand have you guys owned in womens javelin. YEOW
            And the Kiwis aren't particularly high in the ownership queue We (USAsian) havn't had a world class w JTer since Karen Smith. And she was only wc in the sense that she would have a shot at making the finals of a big meet. It has been a long time since Kate.


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              See Mountain West Women in this week:s eTN.

              1. Pounds (AF) 195-8 (59.64) =AmCR (=AmCR Ross [Pur] ’02) (3, =7 A; =3, =4 C)

              May have spurned her on, Jon!


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                Kreiner new AR 61.79 / 202-9

                GP Sud-Americano CAIXA de Atletismo -
                Fortaleza, Brazil

                1 Osleidys Menéndez CUB 63.77
                2 Sonia Bisset CUB 62.77
                3 Kim Kreiner USA 61.79
                4 Zahra Bani ITA 59.92
                5 Laverne Eve BAH 59.39
                6 Zulleima Aramendiz COL 57.95
                7 Alessandra Nobre Resende BRA 52.03
                8 Jucilene Sales de Lima BRA 51.31

                New AR, beating two top ten world ranked throwers, competing with the Cubans....just as you requested.