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Ato skeptical on new 100m World Record


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    Originally posted by mrbowie
    This entire discussion points out why winning championships is more important than setting world records.
    This is a matter of personal opinion.
    The best man on the day is better than the fastest of all time?
    Logically this makes no sense.
    OG gold is kind of neat though.


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      Re: give me quality control info - ratification

      Originally posted by DentyCracker
      Originally posted by eldrick
      Originally posted by figo
      No one here has really nailed down any facts.
      It's all speculation, mostly intelligent, I'll give it that.

      Where is the data and facts....
      1) verify video timing franes/sec? HDTV transmission change to 50HZ analysis.
      2) report by reliable witnesses at track level about the wind.
      3) how about the distance?

      If the ratification process reports the data conclusively (1-2-3) then I'm a believer
      drop 3)

      an error of any signiicance on that part is not conceivable
      Tell that to timmy, 4cm=no wjr ... ments.html
      can you say made in China?
      (article better than nothin)

      Now listen. I'd suspect that distance is not a problem, low prob.
      But you have to realize that you cannot drop 3 from the equation.
      If your 10m tape is out and you do 10x 10m measurements then all looks well.
      But 1 cm error = 10 cm for the distance, that's a bit.
      Needs looking at.

      Here is a story of a bigger con. That is much more outrageous than the above
      Bre-X. The biggest gold mining discovery on earth ever. Well no, the biggest fraud. They convinced big corp money to invest including good old G Bush.... What they did was simple. The oldest trick in the book. Since the Bre-X mine was the richest on earth they needed "tight security" to make sure the samples were not tampered with. In the high security area they simply added gold to the samples. No once cared to do their due diligence, everyone assumed that since all the big boys put in $1 billion plus it must be ok.

      Well it was not OK. The mine had zero value what so ever and subsequently the mining industry literally collapsed world wide. Many totally unrelated lost their shirt.

      Moral of the story. Everybody assumed... everybody.

      On top of the above considerations, being a lab guy of many years involved in calibration of all kinds of instruments, balances, mass-specs, pipettes and so on makes me say measure it buddy. Any legit qc program requires it i.e. ISO.