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Asafa Powell Says He Can Run A 9.60


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  • Asafa Powell Says He Can Run A 9.60

    You gotta like his attitude! This rivalry will do more for T&F than all the PR a Madison Ave type could ever dream up.

    USA vs. Jamaica
    World's Fastest Human
    Old record-holder vs. new
    WC and OG still 1 and 2 years away
    "I like him, but I'm gonna hafta blow his doors off" stuff!

    Article link on home-page

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    Aw, forget about it! Fasuba is the one to watch. Despite being 5'5", he would appear to be the one with the most potential - possibly even the greatest ever.

    HE'S gonna go 9.59!!

    (opinions of bekeselassie do not necessarily represent those of T&FN, but only a minority of nutty posters on the message boards. This just goes to show that you should be careful what you read and who you take your education from on certain matters.)


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      Originally posted by bekeselassie
      Fasuba is the one to watch. HE'S gonna go 9.59!!
      gh said he's too short to be any good. So it is written - so let it be.


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        "He (Gatlin) borrowed the record. I will get it back. I am capable of running 9.45," added DrJay.


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          Powell may be able to run 9.60. He is probably capabile of winning OG and WC as well. He has run 9.77 and won CG. The rest is smoke, until he does it. Damn, no simily around when I need one. :-(