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    Drechsler had a habit of equalling her bests:

    1986 200 - 21.71 twice
    1986 LJ - 7.45 twice
    1988 & 1992 - 7.48
    1986 & 1988 - 10.91
    "If Gaby worked as hard with the weights as she did with her tongue she'd have a different concept of beauty. To get performances like mine, she'd have to sacrifice some of her good looks. The women of the west dont work as hard as we do" JK


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      Originally posted by Powell
      Originally posted by gh
      The IAAF deleted Thränhrdt as an "outdoor record" in '91.
      By then it had been broken anyway. But if the IAAF recognized absolute records until 1991, there was a period when Javier Sotomayor shared the record with himself (he jumped 2.43 outdoors in 1988 and indoors in 1989).

      Stefka Kostadinova also shared the WR with Ludmila Andonova at 2.07 - though only for a few days in 1986, after which she improved to 2.08.
      No, they only recognized for a year, maybe two (don't have a ref. source handy). It was after they had gone back to pure outdoor that they retroactively also decided to remove the CT mark (which I assume is now back in the official progression).