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Vid of Marion's 11.06


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    Originally posted by Jon
    Originally posted by bekeselassie
    Hey, who was the lady that seemed to virtually accost her at the end of the race? Notice that she didn't even allow Marion to come to a stop before jumping in her path? That seemed kind of annoying.
    Probably a WADA official.
    I am one of Marion's biggest fans Jon, but I admit your reply regarding WADA truly had me laughing out loud. Good one.


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      Thanks for the video.
      She has definitely lost weight. Her face looks almost gaunt.


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        Thanks indeed Jon, really enjoyed seeing Marion back.

        Imagine the relay team that could run in next year's Worlds, and then maybe
        Beijing: Marion, Allyson, Lauryn, Shalonda or maybe even Sanya. Imagine the same team running both relays: OK, crazy thought,, but not iimpossible: Marion, Allyson, Sanya and, cannot happen unless Lauryn decides to emulate Marion and try some one-lappers to get her longer sprinting strength improved [boy do we have to choose our words carefully these days, was gonna say speed endurance but figured some punster might pounce on it, I believe in Lauryn, and she ran an awesome half lap last year]

        Sub 41 looks like it oughta be here soon.


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          Originally posted by Never Mined
          Sub 41 looks like it oughta be here soon.
          You reckon? Nah, not until they stick to the same 4 who practice and practice and practice year in year out.
          "If Gaby worked as hard with the weights as she did with her tongue she'd have a different concept of beauty. To get performances like mine, she'd have to sacrifice some of her good looks. The women of the west dont work as hard as we do" JK