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    LSU training is 100% speed based. They feel they acquire enough endurance from the volume of the workouts. Carter has even less background than others, since he plays football all fall.
    Remember how Kelly Willie could not handle multiple rounds and races last year at Championship meets.
    Carter is an amazing talent, but I'm guessing he will run the 200 at USA's.


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      Originally posted by Jacksf
      Previous post ersaid he thought Xman could run as fast as Wariner did (44.50) if he didn't have prelims to run. Everyone can faster if they don't have to run the prelims.
      Point is, he needs to run his best times with prelims, not without them, to compete at championship level.
      That's a fact. and it goes for everyone.
      I agree & the X-Man has preformed well thru rounds at championship level meets. He ran faster than Jeremy (at the same age) during indoors season. I think Jeremy ran 45.3 & X ran 45.2 during their NCAA 400m championship. Of course Jeremy didn't run the 200m. I believe the X-Man will run under 44.5 at the NCAA's in 2 weeks. If he ran what Jeremy ran at NCAA's he would be even fresher.


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        Originally posted by eldrick
        this may be heresy, but i believe rock has the best endurance of any 400 guy out there :

        if he can achieve the very hard of shaving a coupla tenths off his 200 time, but can keep his endurance up, he can be number 1

        if i were a coach looking for the best potential out there - i'd take rock - he's got more potential than anyone - he coud maybe be got down to mid/high-43 level with his best possible speed

        he's already run the same time as the previous greatest "pale warrior" - schonlebe, & he was a derby thoroughbred compared to rock's cart-horse : find this "carthorse" some speed & you have a world-beater !
        I agree with you 100%. If you really sit down at look at the races Andrew has run, its clear that he is backloading his effort and really kicking it in for the last 200m. He's consistently behind a step or three at the halfway point - whether this is strategy or a lack of top speed, I can't say for sure. I don't think Andrew has really run or trained for speed in quite some time, I know he ran an off-distance 600m during the indoor season, which I thought at the time was somewhat counterproductive to what he should have been doing.