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russ rogers retiring effective this sept at ohio state


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  • russ rogers retiring effective this sept at ohio state

    just announced by osu t&f dept.

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    Re: russ rogers retiring effective this sept at ohio state

    Originally posted by fieldguy
    just announced by osu t&f dept.
    It seems like this is not "unexpected" news, although at first I found myself thinking about Penn State, so maybe I am completely off-base. From what I remember, it seems that Rogers favored the sprints and the distances have recently gotten some play with help from the assistant coach.


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      Story: ... 06aaa.html

      For all those folks with Ohio roots, like me, this is huge!


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        The bio doesn't mention his athletic career: twice World Ranked in the 400H (high of No. 4), thrice in the 100H (high of No. 6).


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          Does this mean maybe Ted Ginn(sp) will be running for OSU?


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            Thanks gh. I've known Russ in passing since he's been here. I knew he was a hurdler, but did not know he was world ranked.

            I don't forsee Ginn running for OSU at this point with next season most likely his last, although a new coach could mean something for future FB Buckeye's such as Brandon Saine, a 10.38/20.74w/46.8 junior at Piqua HS.

            Word is that the program will be split. Hopefully, the search committee is comprised of track people that know what it takes to coach a national level program starting with keeping talent in-state. Russ has fielded a team that has an occasional star or two, but not a consistent 'team' of high quality.

            I know of several quality candidates (male & female) that were interested a year ago. Hopefully, they still are.


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              Deleted by author


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                COLUMBUS, Ohio - Miechelle Willis, senior associate athletics director at Ohio State, announced Tuesday the department will replace retired head coach Russ Rogers with separate head coaches for both the men's and women's programs. Rogers, who retired Monday, served as head coach for both teams since 1994.

                "We believe having separate coaching staffs for the men's and women's programs will maximize the recruitment and development for both genders of our student-athletes," Willis said. "It enables both programs to grow toward competing consistently at the national level."

                Women's track and field was first implemented in 1982 under then-head coach Mamie Rallins. Rallins stepped down in 1993, leading to Rogers taking over duties for both teams. The men's team first competed in 1921. Rogers started as men's coach in 1989 and was the sixth head coach in OSU men's track and field history.

                A search for both the men's and women's head coach positions will begin immediately.


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                  I thought Mamie Rallins was fired from OSU. I'm sure she filed a lawsuit
                  against the university, though I don't know if it was ever settled


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                    Originally posted by buckeye II
                    I don't forsee Ginn running for OSU at this point

                    That could change if Ginn's father is in the mix. I have no clue if he has any interest, but his qualifications as a coach are beyond reproach, and the recruiting implications here in Ohio would be enormous. The man has built a steamroller at Glenville(Cleveland), and the pipeline to the OSU football program has been rich. I can't think of a better prospect.
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                      The inside Ohio view.

             ... 447136.php

                      east_ohio pretty much hits the nail on the head.
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                        Although Ginn Sr. does a hell of a good job, I don't think OSU is looking for anyone but established DI coaches from very successful programs.

                        Mamie Rawlins was fired and I believe won her lawsuit.

                        In response to the linked quote that no one has anything positive to say about Rogers: It was Roger's idea to implement a "no entry fee" to ALL meets indoor and out. He said it allows more young people to attend and that OSU will make their money back in concessions if admission is free. They have never charged including Jesse Owens.

                        Russ got off on the wrong foot with Ohio HS coaches by addressing 1500+ at their clinic shortly after getting the OSU job. Among other comments including "a lefthanded third leg in the 4X1 is more important than speed", Russ told the crowd that he "will recruit nationally because Ohio doesn't produce kids good enough to run for OSU."


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                          Just learned that Robert Gary was named the men's head coach. I don't have any details on the women or any of the other assistants yet.


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                            don't they already have a pretty good distance program at ohio state?


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                              Originally posted by Trackshark
                              Just learned that Robert Gary was named the men's head coach.
                              Does that mean that he's going to retire as a competitive runner? At the Nationals, he sure looked as if he was near the end of his career.