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The 150 metre dash


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    Re: The 150 metre dash

    >For whatever it's worth, I am pretty sure the
    >"unofficial" world record for 150m is 14.90. I
    >recall reading that in T&FN at some

    However, Bailey certainly could have
    >broken that in the match race against Johnson; he
    >turned his body all the way around in the last 10
    >meters to see what had happened to Johnson and
    >still ran 14.99.

    The Unfoccial World Best for 150m is 14.93+ for John Regis. That was thye time for his 150m en-route split during the 1993 Stuttgart WCH Men's 200m final. He was leading up until that mark, until Frankie Fredricks accelerated past him and won the race in a then Chamionshiop Record of 19.85s.

    That is the Fastest from Scientifically recorded Split times.
    Since then, from Scientific analysis split times MO Greene has come within 0.01s of that time. With a 14.94+ en-route 150m split in the 1999 Sevilla WCH Men's 200m final.
    Claudeni Da Silva(BRA) also ran sub-15.00s with his 14.99+ also acheieved during in the 1999 Sevilla WCH Men's 200m final.

    For 150m races only Donovan Bailey holds the Fastest time ever at 14.99s when winning that memorable race at the Skydome almost 7 years ago(actually in early or mid-1997 season)
    By him turning it has been carefully estimated by many people that he could of run around 14.80-14.90s for his race.

    The hand-timed best for 150m races only(faster than any en-route split ever recorded either by Scientifical analysis or hand-times/manual times) is 14.8s for ex-WR holder in the Men's 200m, Pietro Mennea(ITA)

    When trying to estimate Michael Johnson's 150m Split Time from his 19.32s in Atlanta OG Men's 200m final.

    Several analysis' of this race have been made from Video-Tape footage, with speeds of the videos ranging from 25-91Hz. So the Splits found are very reliable.The split listed below comes from a cool French statistican anmed pierrejean. He can be found reguarly on the IAAF Forums. And also other places. His work is very accurate so the split is reliable.
    His time for MJ's 150m Split is 14.61+(WOW!), He has also found 150m splits for FF & Ato Boldon. They are 14.75+ for Fredericks and 14.82+ for Boldon respectively.

    Questions have also been asked about Mike Marsh's 19.73s easing down around 15-20m from the line. I have made my own analysis of Mike Mrash's race. And have found these split times from a 50Hz Video-tape.
    The marks on the track are clear, and the video-tape footage focuses clearly on all 8 Semi-Finalists within that race.
    I give my own numbers for his 100m+ & 150m+ en-route, & 200m time(his finish time)
    The '+' sign indicates an en-route split.

    Mike Marsh, 1st place Sf. Men's 200m of 1992 Barcelona OG.

    100m Splits:
    10.19s/9.54s = 19.73s(ex-US record, ex-Olympic Record)
    150m Split: 14.70+

    From my analysis we see that Marsh easing down, cost him around 0.10-0.25s for his last 50m split. Analysis from other races shows his last 50m split to be in the region of 4.75-4.90s.
    He was a pretty good closer back in 1992.

    I say that if Marsh didn't ease up(in an attempt to save energy for the final which was later on that day) and he would of run through the tape at his normal closing speed he would of run a time in the regions of; 19.48-19.65s.
    A big range Iknow but we can't know for sure what marsh would of 'properly ran'.
    The numbers are just estimates.

    His 14.70+ is the 2nd Fastest on 'my all-time list' for Men's 150m en-route splits(from either Video-Tape analysis footage and/or Scientific Splits analysis) only behind MJ's 14.61+ from Atlanta.

    As for Carl Lewis' 19.75s easing down in Indianoplis 1983... I shall go over my Video-Tapes of the race. And update my old Splits, to new accurate Split times.

    I think his 1st 100m split was in the region of 10.1-10.25s. And his 150m Split was in the region of 14.7-14.9s.

    I shall reply within the next fortnight.


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      Re: The 150 metre dash

      "That race never happened, did it? So it remained in the fantasy what-if crap category "

      Thanks for informing us the name of the category where proposals for new events are filed. At this time, that's where the proposed women's decathlon would also be situated. And every other event that once didn't exist, before people lobbied for its inclusion. Like the women's 1500, 400H, TJ, PV.

      On the other hand, since the 200H event did exist, for 60 years as pointed out, it would not fit into a what-if category. Some other crap category I guess.


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        Re: The 150 metre dash

        >I seem to recall that there were there were
        >several unique distances run in Gateshead every
        >year (150m, 300m, 600m). Anyone else remember
        >this? Also, I would think that athletes would
        >enjoy these "off" distance competitions in the
        >early season as a great chance to get some
        >competition speed work without the pressure of
        >competing at the more important championship

        Yep, I remeber what used to happen in Gateshead every year.
        They used to have strange race distances. Where top class athletes would compete over them, in a bid to run World Best times at the chosen distances.

        Linford Christie won a 100yd race one year in a time of 9.30s. It's still the British Best today for F.A.T 100yd times.

        Donovan Bailey went head-to-head with Ian Mackie amongst others in 1997 in a specially put together 150m race.
        Sounds famliar...

        He ran 15.00s flat in cold, damp conditons(c'mon this is Gateshead were talking about, what does everybody expect.)
        I know it will bring comment, but I believe that DB's 15.00s in Gates' conditons is much more impressive than his 14.99s looking back at MJ in the final 10-15m on an Indoor track.

        And Linford also ran a 150m race there one year. He ran a windy 14.74s(or in another from; 14.74w)
        It's the fastest ever 150m on record, under any conditions(discluding any en-route splits taken from any kind on analysis)

        I remeber Colin Jackson running a 200 hurdles race on year.
        It was great to watch.

        Anyone else remember any good moments from any kind of 'strange races'???


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          Re: The 150 metre dash

          with regards to the low hurdles, one of the reasons they died was that there was a perception that you did not have to be a good hurdler to do well. Just a bunch of sprinters zooming over very low obstacles. And when the 400 intermediates were expanded (GOOD IDEA ) to the collegiate level the lows just got squeezed out.

          Also, the phase out of 220/200 straightaways also made sprinting AND hurdling on the turn unfair to the tighter lanes. It was a fairer race on the straight.


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            Re: The 150 metre dash

            I don't know what height the lows were run at, but if they were 36" (same as 400H) then nobody could say they were just a bunch of very low hurdles. Who wouldn't want to see Allen Johnson vs Felix Sanchez at 200H? Sure, anyone who doesn't watch the hurdles to start with.


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              Re: The 150 metre dash

              do your homework, Michael:

              why do you think they were called the "Low" hurdles and the 400 event is called the "Intermediate" hurdles ??!!

              Those suckers were LOW. I do not remember the exact height but it was no more than 30".


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                Re: The 150 metre dash

                "do your homework, Michael:

                why do you think they were called the "Low" hurdles and the 400 event is called the "Intermediate" hurdles ??!!

                Those suckers were LOW. I do not remember the exact height but it was no more than 30".

                but if they were 36" (same as 400H) then nobody could say they were just a bunch of very low hurdles - my post just b4 yours.

                Sorry if I was not clear in what I meant. I meant I did not remember how high they were when Owens etc was running them, but that at 36" it would be a great race for high hurdlers and intermediate hurdlers to meet. Clear now?


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                  Re: The 150 metre dash

                  no problema, MD, no offense intended.


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                    Re: The 150 metre dash

                    Thanks, and gosh, I never knew you cared!


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                      Re: The 150 metre dash

                      aw shucks, we're all friends here..... I'll let other people beat you up on other threads.


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                        Re: The 150 metre dash

                        You're my hero!