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  • Kelli White

    As a former athlete who has Narcolepsy and who was competing unmedicated because I was symptomatic but not diagnosed, I'm not comfortable with the easy dismissals here. It is disturbing enough that in return for the privilege of representing this country in international competition, medical privacy as we know it, is totally forfeit. More disturbing , there seems little concession, that there is a debatable issue here. Without presuming how Kelli W would turn out with a proper workup,it would seem to me that one focus has to be,the right of a person with a categorical impairment. Tiredness and a propensity of certain muscles to "buckle" under high stress/emotion, are hallmarks of Narcolepsy. Medication that relieves symptoms gives such an athlete a chance of competing on a more equal basis, with those not burdened by such symptoms. I could tell you stories about falling asleep at a National event and needing to be paged - reaching the starting line in a daze and being beaten by someone I never had to worry about - but this isn't about me. Guess maybe I should try to get in 2cents' worth with Anti-Doping agency, wherever they are. I hear they have time to respond to IAAF "recommendations". Help, anyone?

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    Re: Kelli White

    I hear what your saying. I have the same problem but with anemia, as many women do. I've struggled to keep my iron and blood values just at normal levels for competition. I've tried all sorts of iron supplements and even altidude naturally and simulated, they work o.k. but not when you're travelling from race to race. I must keep trying different legal things if I want to compete in my sport. My competitors, friends and family would have absolutely no understanding if I went the obvious route also it would be cheating and lying. Some people are just heartier than others and it's fair, it's part of competiton.