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  • Track-related joke

    How can you tell a track star and a French soldier apart?

    The track star waits until he hears the gun to start running.

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    Re: Track-related joke

    Francophobe! Well, actually that's a misnomer. NO ONE is actually afraid of the French.


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      Re: Track-related joke

      I ran into a guy at the '96 Olympics carrying a long bag. I said "Hey, are you a pole vaulter?"

      He said: "No, I'm German. How did you know my name's Walter?"



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        Re: Track-related joke

        I guess I have to tell my favorite t-rj.

        A football fan, a basketball fan, and a track nut are debating the question of whether it is better to have a wife or a mistress.

        The football fan says: It's better to have a wife. You go to the game, and you have these great tailgate parties, and your wife takes care of all the food preparation, the barbecue, and everything else and you have a great time with your buddies.

        The basketball fan says: It's better to have a mistress. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you've got some beautiful bimbo arm candy, and you take her to the game, and everyone envies you for having such a great looking chick.

        The track nut says: You guys have both have it wrong. You really need a wife AND a mistress. You tell your wife that you're with your mistress. You tell your mistress that you're with your wife. And then you go to your den and do all of your track stuff.


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          Re: Track-related joke

          note to gh. this last joke needs to get into either the magazine or at least eTN. Or maybe sent to Tom.