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  • W200 LaTasha Jenkins

    I'm confused. And I apologize if this topic has been raised but I haven't logged on for a while.

    But where did LaTasha Jenkins come from? Didn't she retire? Having lost her passion for the sport?

    I'm glad she's back. I thought she had all the talent in the world. She also has a lot of potential over 400 meters since she has a "kick" at the end of the 200, and she would always promise to dabble into the quarter mile but never really did.

    I believe she still owns the low-altitude Collegiate Record no? I know Rodrguez from SC ran 22.26 but I believe that was at Provo.

    Anyway, she was quoted as having said she made "a lot of progress last year" but I don't remember seeing her in any results. I first noticed her this year when she went 11.09 in the 100. Now she just went ahead and beat Allyson Felix in her heat 22.51 - 23.29, into a 2.2 headwind. Also quoted saying "i love this sport it is going to be around forever" or something, which is funny since I thought she retired because she felt the opposite of that way.

    Anyone know who is coaching her? She always had a terrible start.

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    Re: W200 LaTasha Jenkins

    Originally posted by MCFLY
    Anyone know who is coaching her?
    As far as I know, Trevor Graham.


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      Tis Trevor: see new story on front page