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  • Kerron Clement

    Kerron Clement just won the 400mh in 47.39. How will he back up in 8 mins to fun the 400m final?!?!?! If he does a 44.x that would be an amazing double..

    i remember when felix sanchez tried to win both at grand prix final a few years ago... won the 400mh, couldnt back up an hr or so later to win the 400m flat... its a tough double.. how will kerron find it...

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    Clement's not in the 400m: ... lts/S3.asp

    Even if he was, his coach would have to be smart enough to have pulled him out of the event after having gone to the well in the 400h.


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      although i wanted batman to win, i'm not surprised clement won. He has so much talent, and more raw speed than anyone else in the hurdles, including batman.


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        It is scary what Clement can do if he can only hurdle correctly. There is always a hurdle or two that he stumbles on.


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          Fourth fastest time ever in U.S., just 0.02 off fastestIndy time ever, by Edwin Moses.


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            Here's the secret about Clement. He can't hurdle. At all. He's awful. And a lot of people are saying "when he learns how to hurdle, he'll break the WR." My ass. The kid's damn good, that's not up for debate, but notice everytime he runs a time that makes you say "wow," he stutters over every damn hurdle. When he runs a clean race, he runs 48.8. When he chops hurdles 7-10, starting 8 meters before the hurdle, then he runs 47's. Lucky for him, he can get by chopping for the rest of his life and still run 47 low and make bread.

            Call me a pessimist, b/c many do, I don't care but he won't ever learn how to hurdle well. He'll always jump and run. B/c you can run 14 steps between the hurdles all day long at practice and it look fine, but until you run the full 400 meters at a pace that is stupid fast b/c Batman's on the oustide of you, your practice runs mean nothing. Kerron's doing what he knows to And he's winning without hurdling.


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              Well, I wouldn't have put just that way, but I totally agree. I cringe every time he runs; he's just that bad. How about the comment on yesterday's telecast about how Bershawn has 'no idea' how many steps he takes between hurdles. Gotta call BS on that.