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Ever Been to a Track Meet, Had No Idea When...


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  • Ever Been to a Track Meet, Had No Idea When...

    ... the events were to occur, nor who was to run in them?

    Apparently, it is happening in Kenya, and Martin Keino is speaking about against it (and other things relating to making T&F more visible in Kenya)

    Originally posted by Martin Keino
    Plenty of information regarding the event must be put out in all the media channels for fans and competing athletes.

    Many times before, there has been no time schedule of events, list of participants and qualifying criteria for finals published. How are athletes and fans supposed to know when the races are if they do not have access to that pertinent information?
    Seems Athletics Kenya is a bit behind the times - sponsorships - as well. Excerpted from the article, one reads that Kenya is also facing issues getting fans in the stands (and keeping the stars in an honest effort rule of their own, so to speak -- showing up to compete at nationals):

    Originally posted by Martin Keino
    A few ideas that would make it more exciting and attract more fans would first to market the event aggressively using our stars. Kenya have several world and Olympic champions and getting them to commit to support the championships early on as well as help advertise the event would go a long way in attracting fans to come and watch these stars.

    In order to promote and run the event successfully, Athletics Kenya should tap into sponsorship from the corporate sector to raise the profile of the event and to assist in providing some incentives in the form of prize money for the best athletes in the championships..