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What is acceptable material for these boards?


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    Re: What is acceptable material for these boards?

    >And if you believe that I have some
    >oceanfront property outside of Regina you might
    >be interested in. Beware, anyone who might take
    >Mr. Hill's utterance at face value: You might
    >have read something carried by Reuters and 7
    >other major news services about someone coming
    >clean about their drug use, you may even go
    >digging and find it has become accepted as
    >"fact", but you better have something that
    >would hold up in court because Gary will
    >unilaterally dismiss it as innuendo if he wants

    I don't agree. Technically speaking, Lagat, White and Phillips are still innocent until the B sample results become known and they have exhausted all avenues for appeal and yet there has been no stifling of any discussion about the fact that, in a lot of people's eyes, they are cheats. While on this topic, malmo, who needs no introduction, made the following statement on darkwing in the last 48 hours during a philosophical discussion about drug use:

    "And the athletes, by a huge margin, are against doping and support bans
    for those who do. Trying to distort the debate by suggesting that a few
    "European Aristocrats" are responsible for unjust rules is not reality.

    Those who support doing away with doping controls are limited to the
    staff of Track and Field News and a handful of internet malcontents.


    Personally, I think TFN position on drug use is neither conservative nor liberal but, rather, libertarian.


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      Re: What is acceptable material for these boards? ... man01.html

      This page contains a report from the Seattle Times from April 1 2003. There will doubtless be some on this board who will want to believe it was an April Fool's joke. Talking about this got a thread yanked from this board because apparently it violated one of the major no-no's of the board, which would be speculation and hearsay about drug use. Hence my admonition to people who would take Gary's statement at face value. If this stuff is in the news and has been for years, where do you draw the line between fact and innuendo, and what is your standard of proof?


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        Re: What is acceptable material for these boards?

        Michael, I sympathise with you. You make a post and the day goes by and nobody jumps in to support you. Just remember this as you're laying out the gear for school tomorrow (riding breeches? check; monocle? check; crop? check) that these morons will never undrestand the truth.

        So, when you begin to lecture the inmates--err, students--at your high school tomorrow... you know, you've never told us what it is you teach,but let me guess: first period is Inquisition 101, followed by Auto Da Fey 201, and then in the afternoon it's the honors class, Advanced Star Chamber 402... remember, tomorrow belongs to us.


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          Re: What is acceptable material for these boards?

          After seeing the link to that German woman, obviously everything is acceptable. I'm appalled.


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            Re: What is acceptable material for these boards?

            I must have missed the memo that delineates T&FN's editorial policy that ostrich head hiding is their official stance on drugs. I also missed the one on deregulating sport and may the best drug win. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? I am EXTREMELY anti-drug and don't remember disagreeing with any of their drugs positions (if anything, they prefer not to take a unilateral stance, which only makes journalistic sense. It's one thing for us nitwits to take potshots, it's quite another when the de facto bible of the sports starts throwing names around.) I completely understood the admonition to discuss FACTS not speculation and that too makes perfect sense. Do want your life and livelihood to be the subject of some smear campaign on the internet? Half-truths and outright lies can never be fully taken back; they just twist and rot in the wind. This goes for now-drug threads like Webb as well. As for the East Germans, they admitted it and that's a whole different story. Expunge them with extreme prejudice.


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              Re: What is acceptable material for these boards?

              Yes, isn't it terrible. They misspelled her married name!

              Anyway, I've got better hooters so why would you be looking at that German bitch?