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    Re: kellie white

    Sorry, I simply typed what I was looking at in the header. I knew it was Kelli. On the other hand, in light of her current predicament, that's infinitesimally small potatoes.


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      Re: kellie white

      >I'm sick of this whole scene. When an athlete
      >tests positive for a banned substince they get
      >suspended before they know what hit them.
      >Whenever it's an American, there's always a
      >hearing and a big mess before anything happens.
      >And nothing ever does. (recent exception Mickey
      >Grimes) I'm tiered of hearing Americans always
      >talking about a "fair trial", didden't she test
      >positive? What do you need a trial for!!!!!!!!

      You are aware that each individual federation has its own process, right? Various European countries also have their own hearings, so your point? The IAAF has remanded White's case to USATF, which is the IAAF's process. If Kim Collins didn't get his Commonwealth Games medals stripped after testing positive for something on the banned list AND that he didn't report on his form (asthma claim), why should Kelli White?

      BTW, modafinil (White's substance) isn't on the banned list but under the vague "related substances" grouping. BTW, Mickey Grimes tested positive for ephedrine -- which isn't a banned substance but a "minor" offense. Your mark is disqualified & any medals returned (which happened to Grimes).

      At least know your stuff before you go on the warpath!