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    Originally posted by proofs in the pudd'in
    Originally posted by Shalgo
    Originally posted by "proofs in the pudd'in":uxny2jyb
    Yes if you want to look at like that----but I was looking at it according to the Avg. time not the person, each person fits into a time slot. You can have 30 people occupying an Avg. time of 44.50 that would give Valmon a 44th placing which is not indicative of his Avg. but the number of athletes. You could say "Valmon is 44th on the all-time Avg list" and that would not be fair to him or representative of his true Avg. The best thing to do is to list the number of athletes that occupy the list at the bottom or top.
    Actually, it would be both fair and accurate. If there are 43 people with better average times than you, then you are 44th. People, not disembodied averages or times, compete in track and field.
    Yes YOU are 44th but the Avg. time is not the 44th. I was just trying to point out the best Avg times--It just a statistics "way of looking at it".
    There isn't a track statistician in the world who would look at it that way.[/quote:uxny2jyb]

    Why not??? It is just for the forum I did not sy i was a statistician.


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      Wariner's 43.62 from Rome reshapes his position in the all-time 400m lists a whole lot more:

      Now has 6 of top 100 (well 105) times of all time:
      M.Johnson has 34
      B.Reynolds 14
      Q.Watts 8
      S.Lewis 6
      D.Everett 5
      A.Harrison 5

      Of 38 sub 44 performances, Wariner has 3:
      M.Johnson has 22
      B.Reynolds 4
      Q.Watts 4
      D.Everett 2

      On average of 5 fastest times he's moved into 4th place:
      Michael Johnson 43.43
      Quincy Watts 43.802
      Harry "Butch" Reynolds 43.828
      Jeremy Wariner 43.916
      Danny Everett 44.028
      Steve Lewis 44.106
      Alvin Harrison 44.194
      Samson Kitur 44.288
      Antonio Pettigrew 44.294
      Roberto Hernández 44.298

      He's moved from 6th to 4th on the "Average of Top 10 performances" list:

      Michael Johnson 43.557
      Harry "Butch" Reynolds 43.976
      Quincy Watts 44.049
      Jeremy Wariner 44.149
      Danny Everett 44.187
      Steve Lewis 44.238
      Alvin Harrison 44.346
      Tyree Washington 44.375
      Antonio Pettigrew 44.383
      Samson Kitur 44.400