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  • Originally posted by Daisy
    Originally posted by figo
    but there are limits, for example, i'm not interested in how fast a 100 guy can run a marathon
    But is this a limit due to your agenda or due to the fact that it would be impossible to get one to run a marathon?

    Didn't Flo-Jo flirt with the idea of running a marathon and being competitive?

    edit a quick searched got this article from the NYTimes.
    • SIDELINES: FLO-JO ON THE GO; Too Old to Sprint, Too Young to Quit
      Published: September 23, 1991
      FLORENCE GRIFFTH JOYNER -- Flo-jo to fans who followed her flamboyant track career before her retirement in 1989 -- has been quietly working out, pointing to a return.

      "She's been training for four months," said her Boston-based agent, BOB WOOLF . "But it's not for the sprints and it's not for the '92 Olympics. She's training for the '96 Olympic marathon."
    Dear Daisy

    sorry for the delay in replying, for some reason i'm not getting emails about responses. i've just seen your comment now.

    my thinking is focused on world class times... WR,

    the distance 800-1000-1500-mile-2000-3000-5000 there's not much of a gap but 400 to 800 seems largely unexplored.
    i am kind of wondering if there are 400 types that could do a decent 600 and then extend that 600 into an 800.

    it would have been nice to see flo-joe run a marathon and the results would be interesting.

    in my mind this kind of effort - marathon- would be a fitness type thing, the 100 guy would be probably be non-talented at the marathon....

    still i'd pay attention to results.

    have i explained anything ?


    • Originally posted by paulthefan
      for a kid whos 200 time matches his age, he has cause to set his sights high.
      My 200 time matches my age.


      • "With us pushing each other for the rest of our careers, we might even be able to run in the 42s for the first time," says JW.,00.html


        • Originally posted by stallion
          "With us pushing each other for the rest of our careers, we might even be able to run in the 42s for the first time," says JW.

          Very cool. Not ducking any competition but instead welcoming it. He understands that strong competition will bring out the best in him. This is the true essence of sport and sportsmanship. He is very mature for his young age. And, obviously has his head on straight. Of course he has very good teachers which promote this thinking.