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So where does the X man go from here ?


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    Originally posted by kamikaze7
    Its his endurance & his running style that is a problem.
    And I'm not sure his endurance is a problem. He held up pretty well at the NCAAs. While he faded a bit against JW, he did take second against a quality field. His fade may have more to do with the fact that he has run 50 or so races this year.


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      Originally posted by tafnut
      and the 2/4 double seemed to work out nicely, income-wise, for MJ.
      So, essentially you're forecasting a Carter/Wariner 200/400 Double Showdown?

      (looks good on posters)


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        you guys should look at eldricks post regarding x-man 400.

        throw away the last 400 he ran...
        the most similar athlete to x-man is probably M Johnson.
        but x-man may well be unique..... we will see.
        he's run the great 200, now he knows where he stands on that one.
        better to check out the 100 and 400 and see if he can double, find out which one..
        that is where the excitement and dollars are...
        and by the way he's going, either event does not hurt his 200 development.

        X, keep on doing what you're doing.... but take a good holiday after the season and run less races.....