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Can Stuczynski Break the WR?


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  • Can Stuczynski Break the WR?

    Originally posted by Buffalo News
    Given her astonishing learning curve, Suhr believes it's only a matter of time before she breaks Stacy Dragila's American record, and maybe even Russian Yelena Isinbayeva's world record of 16-5. Suhr thinks she only needs another year or so.

    The coach gives two reasons for Stuczynski's stunning success: First, his system, which has produced numerous top level vaulters from Western New York (Saxer and Maskulinski were two of the first high schoolers to break 14 feet). Second, she's the first to train under that system full-time. ... 034805.asp

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    wow, how about less talk, more jump or else it won't happen

    first outrageous quote from that article:

    "She's right now, kind of where Tiger Woods was when he just turned pro," Suhr said. "It was scary because no one knew how dominant he may become."
    uh, okay

    next one:

    Stuczynski, who has cleared 15-6 in practice and 15-4 in competition, sealed that decision in February when the former basketball standout (once Roberts' all-time point leader) and volleyball player, golfer and pentathlete signed a contract with Adidas to pole vault for the next five years. Suhr said that by competing in meets in the U.S. and Europe, she could earn into six figures yearly.
    giving practice PR's to the Newspaper? come on! show us on the runway!

    okay, based on the video i've seen of her...barring injury, she will break stacy's record? who knows, she is definatly one hell of an athlete


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      While I appreciate the enthusiasm, saying that kind of stuff, now, could be a set-up for some real disappointment in JS. AFTER a couple more years, and championships under her belt, THAT would be the time for heady predictions. She DOES have the POTENTIAL to break Stacy's AR by Beijing, but the Jinx Factor has to be taken into consideration. Potential is a heavy, heavy burden. Isi's WR? Really not gonna happen (but if by some EXTREME circumstance, it does happen, YAY for coach and athlete and USA PVing (esp. wPV!).


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        he "suhr'' can paint a rosy picture, can't he?


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          Rick issued a release saying some of the articles misquoted him:

          Originally posted by Rick Suhr
          I was flat out misquoted. I have been miquoted more than quoted correctly, as anyone knows who deals with media. I told the paper that "Jenn is one of the best jumpers in America, she has improved a lot." As for my opinion, Jenn has a long way to go and there are 4 or 5 other great Americans who can beat us any day. We are just one member of a competitive group of American women vaulters. As for the best, easilly, it is Stacey Dragilia until someone breaks her record. This is not the first time i have been misquoted, and I'm sure it wont be the last.

          Rick Suhr


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            Originally posted by polevaultpower
            Rick issued a release saying some of the articles misquoted him:
            Originally posted by Rick Suhr
            I was flat out misquoted.
            That's better - I kinda thought something had to be out of kilter there. From what I've read about him (all good), that would have been out of character.